Oct 1

October 1, 2021


Message From MD October – 2021

Dear friends, Congratulations for the successful completion of the first half of the financial year 2021-22. It was indeed an incredible journey. Unexpected. Unpredictable. Unknown. These three words may describe briefly the series of events happened in the last six months. But as a team we were courageous, wise and timely to respond, react and reward. What a great effort! I am happy and thankful to all the performers who individually and collectively contributed to the survival during these uncertain…

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Sep 2

September 2, 2021


Message From MD September – 2021

Dear friends, In August, Keralites celebrated Onam and India’s 75th Independence Day. August is famous for happy occasions and festivities across various spectrums of life. At Asset Homes, we also participated in many such events in the Projects, Delight, Sales and Marketing departments. I was delighted to participate in activities such as Salaam Dubai, Friendship Day Insta reel contest, campaign to promote the Handloom sector in association with Weavers of Kerala, Sample Flat inauguration at Asset Alpine Oaks and Asset…

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Aug 4

August 4, 2021


Message From MD August – 2021

Dear friends, ‘Karkidakam’ is the beginning and the end, a glance at the past while savouring the thought of the future. It is the last month of the Malayalam calendar, which falls during July and August. The rains are slowly declining, and this is the time considered to be the most ideal for Ayurvedic body rejuvenation therapies. Karkidakam marks the beginning of the second part of the traditional year, Dakshinayana, during which the sun rays move in the southern direction….

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Jul 1

July 1, 2021


Message From MD July – 2021

Dear friends, The first quarter of FY 21 -22 is over. With just 50% working days, lockdown restrictions, reduction of banking days, minimal functioning of Govt. Machinery and statutory systems, we are still in the tunnel of darkness, crawling towards the distant bright spot. The first quarter witnessed innovative ideas of marketing, branding, communication and servicing. Engaging the customers in environment day celebrations and conducting vaccination camps for customers and families were new stories to the industry. Asset, as a…

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