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What people say?

Raj Gopal Nair, Villa No16, Asset Castle

Dear Mr. Sunil,

At the outset let me introduce myself. I am Raj Nair who recently took the possession of my Villa No16 at Asset Castle.

It was indeed a pleasure to meet you in your office and take the possession of my Villa from your hand.

It was always our dream to have a villa. Owning a villa from Asset Homes does give us a great pride. As I had told you the other day when we met that this is indeed our 3rd house and we initially did not have any plan to invest so early after finishing our second home in Trivandrum. It was a coincidence of seeing this property and finalizing it. The decision was taken in just 2 days after seeing the property.

I would personally like to thank your staffs especially Ms. Meena. We have had numerous interactions with Sales and Marketing Staffs of other builders but we never felt so comfortable with anybody else. Meena was always there to support us whenever we needed any information or any specific things to be done for the house. Infact both, my wife and I could not be there for the stone laying ceremony and she told us that she will help and support in handling the whole event with my mother and my friend. I could not meet her when I came to take the keys and my mother specifically asked me to thank her for all the support she has given to us. Please do pass our wishes and thanks to her.

The house has come out extremely well and we are very much happy to see it. Its finished exactly how we had perceived. Your staffs in the site has been a great support. In all our site visit they would explain the progress and the next step. Excellent work by Asset Homes.

I would surely recommend Asset Homes to any of my friends who would want to take a property in kerala. I am sure once they see my house some would surely think about it.

Raj Gopal Nair,
Villa No16, Asset Castle

Anil Kumar Pillai & Bindu Anil Pillai

Dear Team Asset Homes,

Greetings from Bahrain.

At the outset, I would like to thank the team Asset Homes for the wonderful services extended to me and my wife during our recent visit/ stay in Darshan, Guruvaayoor.

Mr. Vinod, extended his full cooperation in all possible ways to make our stay in Darshan a pleasant one. I appreciate his kind support extended to us. A big thank you to him.

Ms. Seema : she was very active and supportive. Just before boarding my flight, received message in my mobile giving the particulars about our pick up. She has also done regular follow ups and ensured that our travel is most comfortable. Thanks Seema for all your support.. Keep it up.

Thanks to Ms. Meena Ajith also for keeping me in touch and arranging our documents.

Sunilji, who handed over the keys to us, was very nice.

All team handled us were very nice in nature and supported us in all the ways. Mr. Sagar, Mr. Muralee, Security guards at Darshan & Mr. Jijo who received us at the Airport, Mr. Kiran, the driver, who took us to Guruvayoor all were very nice.

I am very happy to see a lovely team in Asset Homes. As an owner of a flat in Darshan, I am proud to be a family member of Asset Homes.

Let the flag of Asset Homes fly high!

Wishing the Asset Homes and its team all the best for every success.

With best regards,
Anil Kumar Pillai,
Bindu Anil Pillai

Binoy, Asset Synergy Heights

Hi Sunil,

This mail is to communicate a big thanks to the support, Asset team are providing to self and family after occupying the flat at Asset Synergy Heights.

At all times Asset team is just a call away for any help for any type of maintenance activities which comes if any.

Special appreciation to Mrs. Anju Venugopal - Head Asset Delight, on for providing attention to customer issues and providing on time support for solving the issues.

Keep up the good job by the team... Really proud to be a member of Asset family.

Warm Regards,
Asset Synergy Heights

Capt. James & Family

It is with great happiness and satisfaction that I write this mail to your good office with regard to the above subject matter.

Wanted to say a BIG thank you for the co-operation and understanding that was extended to me for conducting the function. The effort that was put in by the Asset team at Kasavu, under the supervision of Mr. Thampi was remarkable and the ease with which they co-ordinated many things prior to, and during the function, was quite commendable.

As a family, we felt really proud on that day to receive LOADS of appreciation for Villa #13 as well as the property as a whole. It really did underline the fact that we had made the right decision by investing at Kasavu.

I thank once again, Asset Homes for making all this possible and personally, a BIG thanks to you Anju, Mr. Thampi P Bose & Mr. Ravi Shanker.

Our association with Asset Homes has been a great pleasure indeed and hope and pray that our journey continues.

Capt. James & Family,
Villa #13, Asset Kasavu

Valsarajan, Ocean Groves

Dear sirs,

Thank you for arranging the handing over of the keys of 2D- Ocean Groves. We believe it is worthwhile to provide a few feed-backs.

The flat is cutely beautiful and the quality looks really good to laymen like us. The whole ambience of the building and the surroundings now look different and refreshing.

My experience with Asset home right from the stage of booking through the payment period until the hand over has been seamless and hassle free. The most important aspect is the excellent and lightning like response of Ms. Meena Ajith who has been handling our a/c. Her prompt responses to inquiries, coordination with A/Cs department and her general positive ambience have been exemplary.

Having worked in many orgnisations over a span of 35 years, please permit to state that she is one of the best professionals whom Asset Homes can be proud of having in their esteemed team. Thanks Meena.

2D, Ocean Groves

Kumaresh Pillai, Manager PLM

Dear Mr. Sunil

Thank you for extending the invitation to me and my family for the excellent event. I would rather call it as "family meet"

I am writing this mail as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Asset Homes.

Today's world everyone is running behind new customers and leaving the existing customers to destiny for their needs. It gives me an immense pleasure to know how the Asset Homes takes care of "After Sales Service" and their customers.

I would also express my highest degree of satisfaction to Ms. Shoma Krishna and her response time is always beyond words. She is always available to answer my queries even after office hours.

I am yet to be lucky enough to have a property in "Asset Homes". I hope by God's grace I would be able to own one at the earliest.

Once again thank you very much the invitation and Wishing all the best for your team


Kumaresh Pillai

Manager PLM

Sohan Kumar, Asset Darshan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Sohan kumar, owner of one your flats at Asset darshan, guruvayoor would like to appreciate the efforts of your staff right from the start especially the help of Mr.Suryan T, Ms Meena Ajith, Mr Pradeep gupta, Mr Blesson Cm(kottayam).

Also would like to mention the assistance provided by Mr. Jayakumar at Asset darshan during joint inspection was worth mentioning and helpful.

Thanks to all at Asset
Best regards,

Sohan Kumar

Dr Pramod Philip Mathews,, Asset Evalley

Dear Asset Homes/ Sunilkumar,

Thank you for the invitation to the inauguration of Asset Kasavu. Myself and family were privileged to be there.

I would like to congratulate the Asset team for the superb villa construction and the magnificent club room.

It has been quite a journey for Asset and I daresay you have found a room at the back of any malayali's mind when they think of quality construction.

I also would like to mention about Asset care and the prompt services they provide which provides peace of mind to any Asset owner.

I hope that you will go on to do even bigger things but also keeping the environment in mind so that everything can exist in harmony.

Congratulations once again from Asset eValley owners.


Dr Pramod Philip Mathews,, Asset Evalley

Simmi Joshi, Sales Manager - Bahrain

Dear Mr Sunil,

On the outset I would like to express my happiness in being associated with Asset Homes.
We have just bought our first home with Asset Groove and are very content with the services so far.

I must say that you surely have a fantastic team that you have put together and surely this gives you many brownie points over various other builders that we dealt with before we finalized on the property.

To begin with there was Jaynash your sales executive who played a key role in helping us make a decision.
He went out of his way to show us the various options which could fit into our requirements and our budget.
He made us feel so comfortable with making the entire process not just a sales pitch but giving it a very personal touch and thus building our trust in the brand name.
My husband was very impressed with the whole visit and that's how we made a quick decision of going ahead with Asset group without giving it another thought.

Coming to your customer service department .. Ms Meena Ajith I must say is quite a woman ☺
I do not appreciate many women apart from myself ☺ but I really liked the way she dealt with the whole process.
Even the last minute change in the bank procedures and connecting us with the right bank making things easier for us.
It was a very good gesture which just emphasizes that Asset Homes is not just about closing and deal and getting their money but they are concerned about the customer.
She did a fantastic job of executing the agreement and keeping us updated throughout the whole process.
I wish I could bring her to Bahrain to be a part of my team here ☺

Last but not the least P&B did an amazing job of getting the paperwork for the loan sorted in just about 2 days which was a total surprise and a very pleasant one too ?
Its so unlikely that you are dealing with a bank in India and you don't get stressed with the paperwork but P & B Surely made it possible.
Dileep from P & B was super fast in getting things in place and communicating the right docs required (very systematically) and making sure we knew all the minute details we need to know as the customer.
You should be having them on board for sure..

The reason I am writing this email to you Mr Sunil is because buying a house is one of the biggest decisions in any mans life.
And your team is making it seem not so difficult and complicated but a very easy process to go through.

I come from a service industry and I know testimonials will surely help you improve or rather excel in your case.

So bravo for a fantastic team and the super fantabulous job that ASSET is doing and I will make sure that I recommend ASSET HOMES to all my friends and family.

Best regards,

Simmi Joshi
Sales Manager - Bahrain
Writer Relocations

Arun Krishnan Nair - ASSET SIGNATURE

Dear Sunil & Annie,

We Arun Krishnan Nair & Dhanya Radhakrishnan, recently purchased a flat at Asset Homes Signature [Tower 2, 3C]. Our initial interaction started with Mr. Shine [Marketing] and it was a pleasing experience for us. Later on, we interacted with Mrs. Indu Rajesh and Lekshmi, who maintained a very positive and helpful attitude towards us. We got all the documents on time and we were clearly informed about the delays(if any) , progress in various stages of registration, handing over etc.

I contacted Mr. Najmudeen (Asset Care) for the furnishing details. He promptly sent me the details. Last week we visited the apartment with our family and had a chance to interact with many of the employees of Asset Homes, like Mr. Unni (Electrical Engineer), Shanu, Doomuz(Care Taker), the security staff, Rajesh (Interior work) etc. We got a very warm experience from all of them.

The above experience inspired me to complement your staff via this mail. Normally such customer satisfaction is common only during the marketing phase, and once the payment is made, the customer experience goes for a toss. Asset Homes has demonstrated a truly different experience. We feel privileged to be a customer of Asset Homes. We personally thank Shine, Indu, Lekshmi, Najmudheen, Doomuz, Unni, Rajesh for giving us an excellent customer experience.

The success of any organization depends on the quality and commitment of the employees. Each and every person who we interacted with, gave us a delightful customer experience. That shows the commitment and efficiency of people who are managing them. Our heart felt congrats to the management, for keeping your employees valued and happy. The management along with employees are fulfilling the motto of Asset Homes, i.e.; "The Responsible Builder"

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely,
Arun Krishnan Nair
Dhanya Radhakrishnan
Asset Signature [Tower 2, 3C].


Dear Asset Homes,

Our decision to choose Asset Homes for our dream apartment in Cochin was simple. It was confirmed to be a smart decision from the beginning of the project and till the very end. You have a responsible and creative team of professionals and that indeed is the factor that makes your flats and apartment projects a success. Even we were not able to visit the site regularly your team made us feel like we are in safe hands. We felt being well included in our project and all those decisions concerned to it. Yes we feel extremely lucky to have a builder like Asset Homes for making our dream home possible.

Justine Paul

Manoj Anirudhan - Engineer ASSET REFRESH

Dear Asset Homes,

I want to take this opportunity to express my profound appreciation for Asset Homes and its entire staff. It was remarkable with impeccable work-ethics, professionalism, reliability, skill-level, and competence of everyone I came across.

You did a great job in executing the “Asset Refresh” adhering to the milestones as promised without missing any. One aspect I highly appreciate is the regular communications from you about all the stages without ever having to ask for it. I can’t emphasize more on the importance of receiving regular updates for a customer like me who is out of my home state.

It has been a completely positive experience for me on the dealings with you!

Manoj Anirudhan


Hi Anju,

Hope you & the entire team are doing well. First of all let me take this opportunity to Thank you & the entire team for all the needful.

It was really a great help as being far away from House , purchasing a house near Aluva was so easy as your entire team has supported us all the time during first site visit then arranging loan , then transfer of documents, handover of keys and now even for arranging the person for letting it on rent .

Really thanks a lot from the bottom of the heart for all the things , as your all services is quite appreciable. Hoping to continue the support in the future also

With regards

Sunil N.S - 5C, Asset Enlive Apartments

Dear Anju,Usha, Rajeshs & All Asset team,

We would like to thank each one of you for all the assistance and efforts,extended to us, right from the starting of the project, till handing over of our apartments in Asset Enlive.

Mr Rajesh's (asset care) possitive attitude to all our queries during our visits and handing over was appreciating.
It was really a great effort by the two Rajeshs (Asset Care & Care taker) for arranging the house warming of our appartments, to make it a grand success.

Ms Anju was always taking care of us in providing the necessary information and feedback related to the works of the apartments at all instances.
Ms Usha and asset care team have done a wonderful job for the extra works especially the kitchen cabinet works were praised by most of our friends who visited us.

Thank you once again to all of you and hope to work with you all again in the future.

Warm Regards
Sunil N .S
5C,Asset Enlive Apartments.

Indu Jayaram - Asset Portico

Dear All,

We always wanted to live in a place where we have security,but living in multistoried building was not acceptable to our family.That is when we saw Asset Portico,and we instantly fell in love with their project and the has been great,as it doesn't give a feel of staying in an apartment,as we have lot of common space to move around,and as we opted for ground floor,it really gives the feel of an independent house,with lot of privacy. we have a beautiful courtyard also..altogether this has worked really good for us!!

Thanks & Regards,
Indu Jayaram

Sajanmon, Asset Green ford

Dear Madam,

I started search in September 2014 to buy a a flat in Aluva and I did couple of enquiries with different builders and got in touch with Sunil Das. After few telephonic discussion with him we decidided to book a flat in Asset Green Ford.

I confirmed the booking to Sunil on 17.10.2014. After that all the communications routed through Madam Meena. She helped to collect the cheques from my wife's house at Kothamangalam as we were settled in Delhi.

Every month she updated the status of the work progress and helping us to collect the payments from the bank as so on. Meena's constant communication, updates and other helps has given a great comfort and we realized our hard earned money is going to the right hand.

In May 2015 we moved to Australia and its very difficult to coordinate the things from a far away place and she did all this. Once I contacted her for the delay in handover and she explained and convinced me about the different clearances required before the handover.

My wife and kids visited the flat on 8.01.2018 and they are really happy. I could hear their happiness over the phone by sitting in different continent. Meena madam organized the key handover at your office with short notice and thank you for the gift.

I really appreciate her commitment, hard work and honesty towards the customer in this competitive world and this really impressed us. She is an asset to "Asset Homes".

Sajanmon , 6A, Greenford.

George Mathew, Asset North Star

"Believe it or not"

A builder, after almost seven years, renovating the roof-top of a multistoried building to safeguard the occupant from the atrocious heat.

Well, who else, but The Responsible Builder

Enjoy the delights of Asset Care

George Mathew
Asset North Star

Lima Peethamabar

We wanted to take the time to thank you for what we consider the wonderful time with asset home members and families including all crews

And here by mentioned:

What stood out was a spine tingling atmosphere that took our breath away. The programmer raised over number one also we have to note and special thank to Mr.Balabaskar team not just a great players but a great men as well.

This time we would like to express our sincere thanks to Asset home conducted eve in last Friday 27th and special feast for your clients.

Special thanks to Ms.Aneeta


Lima Peethamabar


Dear Mr. Sunil,

Congratulations on the fantastic and brilliantly organised global customer meet - Asset Mehfil II, and thank you for inviting me for the same.

It was amazing to see the passion and engagement from your team on ground, with each one doing his/her best to make the event a grand success - this is a true reflection of the statement you made in your opening remark, where you referred to each customer as a member of the family. I can tell you how pleased I was to see your team attending the needs of every guest, ensuring that they are comfortable and making them feel cared for. As Prithviraj mentioned, it is really a delightful exception to see such customer engagement from a Builder organisation and it sets a benchmark in itself for others to follow.

On a personal note and as I mentioned during our brief interaction today, I am very influenced by your leadership on ground which I witnessed ever since stepping into the venue - you were seen leading your team from the front, welcoming guest, managing backstage and were available hands-on with your team to ensure a great show, while also taking out time to interact with invitees. Not many MDs that I know demonstrate this leadership style, and that makes it a rare quality and is very commendable.

I wish you all the very best for future endeavors.



Harikumar. V

Dear Sirs,

In continuation of my mail forwarded herewith, I am proud to see that I could fulfill my commitment or wish expressed in the forwarded mail.

Here, it is not a matter of my booking a small flat in Asset Homes, but it is the success of an institution having an Officer like Mr. Suresh. J whose attitude is beyond appreciation and certainly beyond any ordinary human calibre.

I met this officer some 7 years back, and since then he was keeping the relation in the same line, and in between Mr. Suresh had sent me the details of many projects of Asset Homes, and also I had come to Kerala and Mr. Suresh had made all arrangements for me to see some Asset Home projects. But I couldn't finalize one.

Here I should say that Mr. Suresh did all these as I requested, but he never embarrassed me to buy a flat, instead he maintained the relation by occasional calls inquiring my well being or by sending some SMS.

But at last, I booked a flat in Asset Homes and I should admit that this is my reward to the attitude and approach of Mr. Suresh.

Here I can't go without saying that when I expressed my wish to see some flats at Ernakulam, Mr Suresh had arranged another Officer of Asset Homes Mr. Sunil Das who also had to take some pain to show me some projects of Asset Homes in my last visit to Kerala, but then also I couldn't finalize the things.

But when I came this time, again as I requested, Mr. Suresh arranged Mr. Sunil Das whom I felt as a man of the same attitude of Mr. Suresh and Mr. Sunil Das was so punctual and pleasing to arrange me a visit, and finally I concluded the things.

As it was my commitment for Mr. Suresh, I proceeded through him only, but I really appreciate the service rendered by Mr. Sunil Das also.

I assure that both these officers are really worthy to Asset Homes.

Thank you,

Harikumar. V

Gp Capt Shaji Punnose - New Delhi

Dear Mr Sunil,

I have an apartment in your Asset Lineage Project and we have spoken on one occasion. I thought it will be prudent on my part to share with you my experience with your firm.

To begin with let me complement you and your team for timely completion of Asset Lineage.

While interacting with your staff during the course of execution of the project, they were extremely helpful and professional in their approach. A special mention goes to Mrs Indu, who handled every issue with patience and involvement.

Then during the inauguration ceremony at Lineage, i requested a guest (a retired Army Colonel) to attend on my behalf. I was a bit apprehensive about how he will be looked after in a big crowd on that day. To my surprise he was looked after extremely well by your staff, especially Swapna, who personally conducted them. They were mighty thrilled about their experience as well as the construction and have become your brand ambassadors.

I was in Trivandrum from 28 March 2016, for a week, to take over the apartment. I was genuinely worried about how difficult it will be, since past experience with other projects had been harrowing. I must place it on record that your staff at site of Lineage did an exceptional job in meeting all my requirements. A special mention of Mr Shanavas and Mr Sharan, is in order, who were proactive and made the whole experience pleasant. They left no stones un-turned to meet all the request,s showing empathy to my limited stay at TVM.

An interesting fact I want to share with you. I had tasked an external agency to do up my kitchen cabinets. The representative who came to take measurements confided in me that this is the first apartment where he found the kitchen slab and floor measurement were uniform along the whole length of the slab. Such a remark form a guy who must be visiting many projects, speaks volumes about the workmanship and Quality checks.

Overall it was a pleasure interacting with you and your team. I wish you and your team all the very best in all your future endeavours.

Warm regards,

Gp Capt Shaji Punnose
Joint Advisor(Networks,Spectrum & Licensing)
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg(Old Minto Road)
New Delhi

S.Gopakumar - Mumbai

Hi Anju Ji,

Finally without any difficulties/ inconvenience the deal is concluded. Thanks for your support and Cooperation. I haven't dealt with anyone other than you in Asset Home and am extremely satisfied with the professionalism in you. Being a professional in real estate filed for over 30 years, I rate Asset homes with 5 stars.

Will be in touch. Take care.



Saurabh Yadav-Manager , CRISIL Real Estate Ratings

Dear Mr. Sunil,

Greetings from CRISIL!!

It was indeed a pleasure to learn about captioned article in Business Line daily. It is a path breaking initiative taken by your company and I am sure these kind of innovation will set new benchmark within the industry and take you to a different league. This shows your customer centricity and will definitely bring-in more confidence among the customers and other stakeholders.

I desire this to be followed by many other developers from our country, as it is the need for the hour.

I congratulate you and the entire team at 'Asset' for achieving this feat and extend my good wishes.

Thanks and Regards,


Saurabh Yadav

CRISIL Real Estate Ratings
CRISIL Ltd, CRISIL House, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai - 400 076, India
(D) +91 22 3342 3225 | (B) +91 22 3342 3000 | (Fax) +91 22 3342 3050 |

C.K.R.Kaimal - 5D, Asset Silver Swan

Dear Madam,

Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude and joy upon receiving the key & possession of apartment 5D at Asset Silver Swan, well within the permissible limit of the stipulated date. Now i feel free to move in at an appropriate date and enjoy the cool breeze & river side view from balcony of my flat which is part of this magnificent Building.My special thanks to Soumya and all other Officers & Staff for converting my dream into reality. I am sure that Mr.Anil Kumar Sir can rightly be proud of his excellent, efficient & dedicated team and their 'down to earth' attitude towards their clients.

I wish Asset Home more and more success in its journey to capture new heights in future.

Thank you,
With regards

Vinay Menon - Associate Vice President - (EMEA & US), GSC Thomson Reuters, ASSETE VALLEY

Dear Asset Homes,

I have been planning to send this mail for some time now but one thing or the other kept delaying it. I have been interacting with ASSET HOMES for many months now in regard to my Flat at ASSET E Valley. I must admit that very rarely have I come across an organization so dedicated in going out of their way to assist a customer (in any industry let alone real estate.)

In my numerous interactions with you, I have observed that ASSET HOMES well and truly stands for – Dependable, transparent and above all valuing commitment & relationships. Having been in a client facing industry myself, I know that it not always easy to meet the customers ever changing expectations each and every time. ASSET HOMES has this great ability to go beyond the expectation each and every time be it:

Helping with paperwork
Project updates – The ‘real picture’ always!
Transferring loans – Helped me immensely when I transferred mine from one bank to the other recently
Helping me communicate effectively with your internal teams

Thanks ASSET HOMES for all your help over the past few months and even though I am located in Bangalore, your diligence has always kept me well informed and confident about the progress of my flat. Truly a job well done and I am sure you will continue to raise the bar higher!

Best Regards,
Vinay Menon
4A- EvalleyApartments.

Mini & Joy - Urban Crest


This is Joy Chemmanoor & Mini George from Canada. We had a chance to buy the urban crest from asset homes last July 2008. We are really happy with it plus we are happy to hear the work has progressed so far and we get within the time frame. The customer service especially is really great. We are also happy with the location of the apartment. Hope you will continue with the same service and we are waiting for the house warming soon. If we plan for another investment in Cochin we always think about "ASSET HOMES" in our mind.

Mini & Joy


Dear Mr.Salem,

Thanks a lot for the mail, ya for sure all my support will be there.

Kindly please update me regarding your new projects & also please let me know if you have any Vila work in and around Aluva as me myself is interested in another Vila.. If you have any agricultural land available also please let me know.

Also i would like to take this opportunity to specially congratulate & thank your two staff for the outstanding support offered to me & my parents.
1) Mrs.Anju Venugopal - For her outstanding help in arranging the legal documents , loan & updating the progress & status of the same & coordinating with my aged parents . I never thought that it will be so easy for me to purchase a house even when i am not there without creating any trouble to my parents.
2) Mr.Shine - Who has said all the facts & figures very clearly without hidding any thing & was fully transparent . and once again thanks to the entire team.

I would like to personal meet you all during my visit in August 2010. All the best

With regards,

Jayaram & Indu Jayaram

Hi Anju & Team Asset Homes,

“Thanks for your email. We congratulate you for the same. We are also waiting very eagerly for the inauguration & handover of Asset Homes Portico Phase I so that we can occupy our flat.”

Thanks & Regards,
Jayaram & Indu Jayaram

P. George Varghese

Dear Sir,

“My hearty congratulations to you and all in the Asset Team in winning the prestigious award for "Excellence in Real Estate for the Best Builder in Kerala" from the British South Indian Chamber of Commerce, UK. I am proud to be associated with the Asset Family and share this happy moment.”

POA P. George Varghese
Flat No.1F - Asset Portico Phase!

Joshy George - 1C Asset Metro Bay


“Thanks for the mail & Congrats to Asset Homes for the Award. We are also proud to be a Member of CRG Homes of Asset. Regards and expecting more heights near future also.”

Joshy George – 1C Asset Metro Bay
Chathari Thripunithura
Eranamkulam – 09447044692

Mr.Kiran D Kishan

Dear Asset Homes

Congratulations regarding the finish of asset patio. Well done. Building looks great. Thanks for keeping the overall buildings works to be simple and nice. Colour combination of building is good, rather than very bright colour ! Compound Wall is pretty good. Thanking you.


P.George Varghese, 4D, Urban Crest

Dear Madam,

First let me wish you and every one at Asset Homes a “very happy and prosperous New Year."

It is indeed a Prestigious Award and let me join you in sharing your happiness in achieving the "Best Builder Award 2013". Kindly accept my hearty congratulations. Wish you success in all your future projects.

Thanks & regards
P.George Varghese.
4D, Urban Crest

ED Bhaskaran

ED Bhaskaran

“Hearty Congratulations to ASSET Homes Team in winning this recognition and award.”

ED Bhaskaran
East Thottekkat Apartments