Social Responsibility


“A mother’s love is never-ending. The moment a child is born, a mother is also born.”

Asset Homes has been conducting Mathruvandanam to honour the mothers of Asset Homes employees. Remarkable women leaders such as Smt. K.K. Shailaja, Former Hon. Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Kerala and Smt. Asha Sharath participates in the event every year.


Every child is a blessing, no matter if it’s a he or she.

To honour every girl child born, Asset Homes, in association with Amrita Hospital, Thrissur, presented a teak sapling to every girl child born there. The teak sapling will bring prosperity, and the amount can be used for educational or other purposes for the girl child.


This is an initiative being undertaken to reach out to the poor and homeless in society and build homes for them. Through this initiative, Asset Homes has brought a roof over the heads of several hapless families who have been living in pitiable circumstances, exposed to the elements of nature. A plan is drawn every year to build a specific number of homes as a part of this initiative.

Beyond Square Feet

The common notion that a business should exist in a space that is socially just and environmentally safe is what brought us to conduct the Beyond Square Feet, Tri-annual lecture series on sustainable development conducted on World Environment Day, World Water Day, and World Habitat Day.
Our relationship with our customers began with square feet, but we go beyond square feet. We grow with nature and our customers.