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Sunil Kumar V, Managing Director


Asset Homes, as a responsible builder, always goes the extra mile to give our customer the absolute best. The company is built on four pillars, which are our core values – prompt delivery, total quality, customer-centricity and societal responsibility. For us, simply put, it all boils down to giving our customer nothing less than the best, if not more.

Asset Delight is a bouquet of unique services. The services are unique because they go beyond the property and continue until they are needed. They are unique because they intuitively understand your concerns and rationally address them. By providing services ranging from 10 years free insurance coverage for your property to free airport pick-up to drop you at home, Asset Delight takes care to make your life an absolute delight. We keep in touch with the customers through several forums so we can constantly improvise our services to meet evolving needs.

Because for us at Asset Homes, customer is asset.


Asset Homes has a long-standing relationship with all customers. In fact, our relationship with our customers gathers strength post sale. We make sure we are around to answer all their queries post booking and we continue being around post sale to make life at their homes convenient and comfortable every day.

Asset Delight strives to get the routine hassles of everyday life out of the way of customers. We make sure that life at Asset Homes is positively incomparable to life anywhere else. We have a dedicated team that has access to a network of professional service providers so we can facilitate customized solutions to the most exacting requirements at the most appropriate time. We seek and receive constant feedback from our customers so we can continuously innovate and update our services.

For, we at Asset Homes truly believe that we are because you are.

Anju Venugopal, Head-Asset Delight

17 Exclusive Customer Care Services

Health is the biggest concern for all. Medcare offers monthly medical check-ups and delivers medicines at your doorstep at our projects. We have tie-ups with leading medical labs and reputed medical stores in and around our project location. Anybody can avail of these services whenever the need arises. We are just a call away.

We will make your life easy! Get your laundry done regularly in the easiest way. We have tie-ups with professional laundry service providers. You can avail their services twice/thrice a week.

Pre-monsoon check-up is a critical step in the maintenance of your home. We connect with our customers and make them aware of this. Appropriate steps will ensure that the maintenance of the common areas are kept at its minimum year after year. Transform your living destination into a perfect one through following our annual maintenance practices.

Keep your home functionally and aesthetically maintained. Our service personnel are available at your call to rectify issues in your apartment and provide precautionary tips to avoid future problems. All you have to do is to register your maintenance related enquiries by mail to We associate with all our major vendors to provide you reliable and prompt service.

Asset Homes is a pioneer in the Indian realty sector in extending 10 years free insurance coverage against damages caused by fire, earthquake, lightning and explosion air craft damages etc. on all Asset Homes apartments launched after 2016, in association with The New India Assurance Co.Ltd.

Asset Homes offers all its privileged customers complimentary Transit Home facility in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Thrissur, Kannur and Guruvayoor, while visiting these cities, at fully furnished, well- maintained guest houses at absolutely no cost.

An easy-to-operate mobile application, with a unique customer ID, offers a one-point access for booking all maintenance needs to ensure timely assistance to customers who are in need, making the process easy, time-saving, absolutely effective and hassle-free.

What could be more delightful than being picked up from the Airport and getting dropped at your Asset Home? We provide our NRI customers with this facility of getting transported from the Airport to their Asset Home once a year. Just call up the Asset Delight Team, let us know in advance, and be assured of your cab waiting for you to take you to your Asset Home safely.

  • Helpline driven
  • 24x7 assistance
  • Professional and reliable

Asset Delight provides services such as payment of your routine bills (KSEB, KWA, Property/Land Tax, Association/Maintenance Charges), and cleaning, renting and resale of apartments. We make sure your home is well taken care of in your absence.

Asset Delight organizes occasional Customer Meets and other events with the participation of Asset Homes customers from around the world. These get-togethers help customers meet and interact with the brand custodians as well as other members of the extended Asset Family.

Want to refurbish your apartment? Delight Decor services is just a ring away. Redo your home to your taste and satisfaction.

  • Professional consultants
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24x7 assistance

Moving from one home to another has been made easy by Delight Shifts services. All that you need to do is call the service partners.

  • Helpline driven
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional and reliable
  • 24x7 services

Every month, Asset Delight Team pays a friendly visit to any one of the Asset Family members’ homes at each location. This helps the team build a strong relationship with the customers, which further helps in addressing their concerns effectively. Customers’ suggestions for improvement of services are duly considered and incorporated.

The best insight provider of our brand is our customer. Asset Homes considers it a privilege to have one customer take part in the company’s Management Meeting held every month. The selected customer is invited to share his or her views about the brand, the projects and the services offered.

Asset Delight offers vehicle-wash service right at your doorstep. Wash away the grit and grime of a busy day to leave your vehicle with a glowing shine every day.

  • • Helpline driven
  • Professional and reliable
  • Service at your own premises

Your orders for provisions and other routine requirements will be delivered at your doorstep through reliable agencies, thus taking the stress out of your daily grocery and other shopping.

  • Helpline driven
  • Quick processing
  • Quality products & services
  • Door delivery & payment
  • Reliable partners

Asset Delight is with you in times of need. Be it for medical care service or ambulance service, through a helpline number exclusively dedicated to Asset Delight AID. We will cater to your most urgent needs with the least response time and other forms of assistance for the elderly, the ailing and the needy. Collectively with the support of nursing care services provided through our associate international organisation and a network of the finest medical care associates we aim to provide for the most authentic, economical and reliable service for your aid.

  • Helpline driven
  • Professional and Reliable
  • 24x7 assistance



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The Asset Advantage Privilege Card is an identification card which gives all Asset Homes customers easy access to all the customer-centric services that the company extends, ranging from transit home facility to referral scheme.

Disclaimer : Asset Homes holds the right to issue / reject the Issual of privilege card to it's customers to avail all Delight services and holds the right to suspend / withdraw the Delight services mentioned. Asset also holds the right to reject a Delight service request if found inappropriate and the Delight services provided doesn't form part of a sale.