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Asset Homes, as a responsible builder, consistently goes above and beyond to provide the best possible service to our customers. Asset Homes strives to provide our customers with nothing less than the finest product and prompt service. Thus, we have introduced a unique service, Asset Delight.

Asset Delight is a combination of one-of-a-kind services. The services are distinctive in that they extend outside the property and continue until they are no longer required. They are exceptional in that they instinctively comprehend and intelligently answer your worries. With an array of exceptional 17 delight services, Asset Homes facilitates customized solutions for our customers.

Asset Delight services include Medcare, D-loc, Pre-monsoon Checkup, Maintenance Clinic, Free Insurance, Transit Home Facility, Delight Serve, Delight Drive, and much more. The Asset Advantage Privilege Card, a photo identity card, allows all clients access to all of the company's customer-centric services, including a transit home facility and a referral program.

V. Sunil Kumar

Founder & Managing Director

Customer First
Customer Always

Asset Homes, as a responsible builder, always goes the extra mile to give our customers the absolute best. The company is built on four pillars, which are our core values – prompt delivery, total quality, customer-centricity, and societal responsibility. For us, simply put, it all boils down to giving our customers nothing less than the best, if not more.

Asset Delight is a bouquet of unique services. The services are unique because they go beyond the property and continue until they are needed. They are unique because they intuitively understand your concerns and rationally address them. By providing services ranging from 10 years of free insurance coverage for your property to free airport pick-up to drop you off at home, Asset Delight takes care to make your life an absolute delight. We keep in touch with the customers through several forums so we can constantly improvise our services to meet evolving needs.

Because for us at Asset Homes, the customer is an asset.

Anju Venugopal

Chief Information Officer

Beyond Sales

Asset Homes has a long-standing relationship with all customers. In fact, our relationship with our customers gathers strength post-sale. We make sure that we are around to answer all of their queries post-booking, and we continue being around post-sale to make life at their homes convenient and comfortable every day.

Asset Delight strives to get the routine hassles of everyday life out of the way of customers. We make sure that life at Asset Homes is positively incomparable to life anywhere else. We have a dedicated team that has access to a network of professional service providers so we can facilitate customized solutions to the most exacting requirements at the most appropriate time. We seek and receive constant feedback from our customers so we can continuously innovate and update our services.

For, we at Asset Homes truly believe that we are because you are.

17 Exclusive Customer care services

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Delightful Recipes | to serve customers
Delightful Recipes | to serve customers


The Asset Advantage Privilege Card is an identification card that gives all Asset Homes customers easy access to all the customer-centric services that the company offers, ranging from transit home facility to referral scheme.

Disclaimer : Asset Homes holds the right to issue / reject the Issual of privilege card to it’s customers to avail all Delight services and holds the right to suspend / withdraw the Delight services mentioned. Asset also holds the right to reject a Delight service request if found inappropriate and the Delight services provided doesn’t form part of a sale.