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Not just a home to stay in, but an asset for generations.

Our Profile

Relationships, life revolves around them. Be it between human and human, human and environment, human and technology or between any two things for that matter. It's relationships that make the world go around. A perfect balance is critical in every relationship, where each party treats the other with respect, is transparent and is committed to nurture the relationship to form an everlasting bond. It is perhaps the biggest asset one can have. And it is not measurable. Asset Homes is built on this very essence of meaningful relationships between us and our customers, trade partners and employees. And with everyone and everything we deal with.

Our Vision

Asset Homes aims to become a responsible builder in every sense in the competitive market by creating the most reliable realty brand.

Our Mission

Asset Homes is committed to building innovative, high-quality, functional, sustainable and value-for-money homes, backed by superior architecture, technology and construction, and prompt-delivery and delightful lifelong service, for customers.

Our Offering

Asset Homes offers not just a home to stay in, but an asset for generations.

Our Key Resources

Human endeavor and goodwill, competency to build, deliver and extend customer support.

Our Core Value

Asset Homes brings you a new world of happiness, security and prosperity, delivering finest apartments, flats, townhouses and luxury villas that match the requirements of customers with the unique signature of a futuristic brand. Asset Homes cares to deliver what we call THE ASSET VALUE to all our customers by gifting them with quality home spaces, contemporary architecture, environment- friendly designs, timely delivery, after-sales service and return on investment. Technocratic professionalism has fetched Asset Homes many laurels in a short span of 15 years. The laudable haul of 67 delivered projects across 15 towns of Kerala was achieved in this short span. Today Asset is a brand reckoned as one of the best and foremost in the industry, having pioneered the use of path-breaking technologies and popularized new concepts like the 'townhouses'. Asset Homes also understands the great responsibility it has towards customers, society and the nation. The creation of THE ASSET VALUE continues with each innovative living environ that the brand gifts to its most valued customers.