28th BSF Lecture Series with Dr. T V Sajeev

10 June 2024
28th BSF Lecture Series with Dr. T V Sajeev

In honor of World Environment Day, Asset Homes hosted the 28th session of the Beyond Square Feet (BSF) lecture series on June 5th. Dr. T V Sajeev, Chief Scientist at the Kerala Forest Research Institute, led the discussion on the global environment, water management, and sustainable housing.

Dr. Sajeev shed light on the challenges posed by urbanization and climate change, stressing the importance of integrated strategies for environmental preservation. Attendees engaged in insightful conversations, gaining a deeper understanding of our collective responsibility in building a sustainable future.

We extend our gratitude to Dr. Sajeev for his expertise and to all participants for their active participation. Stay tuned for upcoming BSF lectures as we continue our journey towards a more sustainable world.

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