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Message From MD, June – 2024

01 June 2024
Message From MD, June – 2024

Dear friends,

May brought a lot of positivity, with promising business proposals across all departments. While expectations were high, the parliament election mood and uncertainty slowed down the fulfilment of these expectations and delayed the results of our efforts. However, we are hopeful for excellent results in the coming months. The team's hard work will be appreciated and rewarded in due time.

Recently, we have witnessed many natural calamities that have significantly impacted traditional businesses. Between April and May 2024, the world experienced unexpected environmental disasters, including heavy rains and floods in the UAE, deadly floods in Russia and Argentina, an earthquake in Japan, extreme wildfires in Chile, and an oil spill in Trinidad and Tobago. In Kerala, particularly Kochi, we faced heavy cloudbursts and subsequent flooding. These events have threatened human life, peace, and health, making the impact on businesses unpredictable.

Climate change represents one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. In just two centuries of industrial development, human civilisation has changed the chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans, leading to devastating consequences. Businesses play a central role in this challenge, as they contribute to escalating greenhouse gas emissions and offer innovative solutions to decarbonise our economies.

Global climate change has profound implications for human societies and settlements. It is predicted to result in rising sea levels, more frequent and extreme weather events, hotter and drier summers, and warmer and wetter winters. This will significantly impact building design, cooling methods, and weatherproofing against extreme conditions. The residential sector, already a significant environmental burden, faces severe exacerbation of these problems due to climate change and a growing population. New paradigms for residential building design are required to enable low-carbon operation and to adopt climate change adaptation strategies.

Our new project, Asset Leaf at Trivandrum, is a humble attempt to promote this cause. This project offers durability and lower maintenance requirements, providing a healthier and safer environment than traditional apartments due to using less toxic materials. The architecture of Asset Leaf is a beacon of hope, conserving precious resources, mitigating climate change, and fostering a holistic approach that transcends traditional architecture to encompass entire communities and cities. This project showcases the creation and protection of the natural environment by using less water, energy, and other natural resources, employing renewable energy sources and eco-friendly materials, and reducing emissions and waste. We have completed the first half of conceptualisation and engineering planning, and the second half begins with laying the foundation stone this June.

I wish all team members a successful June.

Best regards,
Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director, Asset Homes