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Kerala: Ideal Destination For NRI Real Estate Investments in India

22 May 2024
Kerala: Ideal Destination For NRI Real Estate Investments in India

Many professionals migrate abroad in search of greener pastures and better lifestyles. It is well known that many Kerala citizens, especially skilled professionals, move to the Middle East and Western countries to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. However, they can never forget their motherland. No matter how successful they become, home is where the heart is. And one way to keep that connection alive is by investing in their homeland, in Kerala. Apart from the emotional connections, there are many practical reasons to invest in projects in Kerala. And this is why Kerala is the ideal destination for NRI real estate investments.

Let us explore these:

1. Affordability

The main reason Indians migrate abroad is the currency difference allowing them to gain more wealth in rupee currency. Since Indian real estate is in Indian rupees, they can buy property at lower prices or more in India. This helps them to gain more in the long run, as property prices increase over the years in a growing real estate market like Kerala. Investors can invest in affordable housing projects as the push from the government has encouraged builders in Kerala to venture into this segment.

2. Economy

The Kerala economy is booming with many investments in IT and related sectors. Other industries like travel and tourism are also booming. These factors directly impact the real estate market fueling more residential and commercial projects in the state. The Kerala real estate market is one of the fastest growing in the country and is poised to grow till the end of the decade. Investing here would guarantee high returns through price appreciation and rentals.

3. Investment Options

The boom in the real estate market has led to the diversification in the type of properties. Investors can choose from a variety of properties ranging from 1, 2, 3, or more BHK apartments, penthouses, villas, and bungalows. Residential projects in hot locations like Kochi, Thrissur, and Trivandrum have the best amenities and facilities that match international standards allowing NRIs to enjoy the same privileges in India. There is a rise in demand for luxury projects as young professionals have the financial power to afford them. This is another segment NRIs can consider for investments.

4. Culture and Lifestyle

Kerala boasts a rich culture and heritage, which when coupled with scenic natural beauty, makes it an ideal location for settling down. The state offers a unique lifestyle of urban life, scenic getaways, and cultural heritage for young professionals looking for new experiences. Compared to metropolitan cities, Kerala is cleaner, greener, and pollution-free, an ideal combination for NRIs looking to retire in their hometowns. Investment in residential property in Kerala can also earn a good side income by leasing them to tourists.

Affordability, a growing economy, investment growth, and a vibrant culture make Kerala an ideal location for NRI investments.