Asset Homes Welcomes NRIs to Invest in 2024

14 February 2024
Asset Homes Welcomes NRIs to Invest in 2024

The Indian real estate market is witnessing the highest growth since the pandemic and is forecasted to keep growing in the coming decade. The real estate investment in India is also growing as all the data hints at high returns on investments as well as rental returns. Kerala is a major investment destination due to many factors coming together. The natural charm of the state, the growing real estate market, high returns, affordable prices, and favorable government policies act as catalysts that have resulted in a boom in the real estate sector. NRIs often want to invest in their homeland due to the emotional connection. Moreover, the above factors add a fillip to the NRI investment in Kerala.

Asset Home is the only life cycle builder in India and one of the leading developers in Kerala. The company has 110 projects in Kerala spread across 9 cities. Asset Homes has a unique selection of apartments flats and villas that meet the buyer’s needs and lifestyle. It is the only builder in the country that offers homes across the life cycle of the buyer. Selfie Apartments for single residents, “Down to Earth” in the budget category for young couples, and “Exotica” residences in the premium category. These categories across different cities offer a wide range of choices for investors to invest depending on their requirements.

Asset Homes has projects in 9 major locations of Kerala which are Kannur, Kozhikode, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Kollam, and Thiruvananthapuram. The real estate market in all these cities is growing year on year with regular spikes in property demand and real estate prices. The main reasons for this are the state’s expanding population, urbanization, and infrastructural development causing the development of IT parks, commercial hubs, and industrial zones in major towns like Trivandrum, Calicut, and Kochi. There is a constant demand for housing which is a major reason for consistent rental returns on the investments.

Most NRIs reside in countries where the exchange rate is in their favor. Buying property for them becomes more affordable due to this difference in currency values. This encourages NRIs to let’s say, go for real estate investment in Kochi with reduced foreign currency expenditure.

NRI property investment in Kerala has never been easier. The government now offers protection to these investments with a legal framework that safeguards their real estate investment in India by making sure that real estate businesses are open and responsible. The real estate regulatory framework makes sure that the investors get all the information regarding their investments easily and their interests are safeguarded as they can seek remedies to disputes easily.

Asset Homes welcomes NRIs to invest in their projects as they are of world-class quality with the best amenities and facilities. The NRI property investment will get assured returns and competitive rental yields.