Asset Homes: Preferred Destination for Luxury Homes in Kerala

15 January 2024
Asset Homes: Preferred Destination for Luxury Homes in Kerala

Asset Homes is the leading real estate builder in Kerala who has successfully delivered an array of apartments, flats, and villas to meet the needs and requirements of every budget. Their unique styles and designs with assured quality checks of materials and processes ensure perfect homes are delivered to their clients that fulfill their dreams.

Asset Homes are one of the unique builders in Kerala who create projects for every budget. They are proud to be India’s first lifecycle builder and have categorized their projects into four types depending on their end user. Asset Selfie are micro apartments designed for single residents. Asset Down to Earth are budget residences for families aspiring for a better living environment. Asset Exotica are luxury residences for achievers and Asset Young at Heart for senior residents.

The Exotica range of luxury homes cater to the lifestyle needs of achievers who have high aspirations and work hard to meet them. These homes celebrate the desire of achievers to own and experience a high-end luxurious lifestyle at the peak of their careers. Asset Homes meticulously design every aspect to present exuberant and posh homes by carefully curating every aspect of these residences.

1. Location

The location of the exotica residences is always chosen with great care. Be it in any city in Kerala, the project is in the choicest of localities in the city and will be known for its affluence and exclusivity. The projects in Kerala are usually surrounded by the best of nature with abundant natural light and breeze pouring into the residences ensuring the well-being of its residents. The serenity and tranquility of surroundings away from the pollution of the congested localities of the city are a common feature of the luxury residences by Asset Homes.

2. Convenience

The luxury projects of Asset Homes always assure the best of connectivity and conveniences. Their projects in Kerala are located such that the residents have all the conveniences required for their lifestyle close to the project. Essential facilities like educational institutes, hospitals, entertainment zones, and economic centers are easily accessible every day. The builders have mastered the art of balancing convenience with luxury like no one has.

3. Architecture and Interior Design

Asset Homes designs their luxury residences to make them spacious and opulent. The floor plans and the features of the apartments are of the highest quality which give a sense of luxury to the inhabitants. The apartments in Kochi and other locations combine the finest design and engineering for the perfect blend of convenience and luxury. The residential projects are iconic with gracious and roomy interiors complimented by nature’s marvels like lakes and rivers that provide magnificent views from the balconies under the blue skies. All these luxury features distinguish the exotica residences from the budget residences.

4. Amenities

Every project has a plethora of amenities that spell out a high level of luxury making life of the residents comfortable and memorable. The amenities are designed to take care of the physical and mental well-being with open terrace swimming pools, gymnasiums, and health centers. Facilities like clubhouses, amphitheaters, and other activity centers ensure that members are entertained on their days off. A special emphasis is laid on kids with amenities like kids' play areas and sports centers. Many exotica residences, like apartments in Kochi, also offer other amenities and facilities that are specifically designed to give residents the special treatment they deserve.

As we can see Asset Homes goes the extra mile in choosing the right location, the right architecture and interiors, convenient locations, and luxurious amenities. They have rightfully earned the title of being the preferred destination for luxury homes in Kerala.