Thrissur Real Estate Trends: Living in Thrissur

08 December 2023
Thrissur Real Estate Trends: Living in Thrissur

Thrissur, hailed as the cultural capital of Kerala, continues to captivate homebuyers with its abundant cultural richness, the amiable demeanor of its people, and its scenic surroundings. Prominent builders in Thrissur strive to outdo each other in constructing innovative apartment and villa projects within this vibrant city.

The City

Thrissur stands out as a renowned tourist hotspot, surrounded by captivating green landscapes. Its proximity to breathtaking and adventurous attractions such as Peechi Dam, Athirappilly Waterfalls, and Vilangankunnu add to its allure. Punnathur Kotta, the elephant sanctuary in Guruvayur, attracts numerous visitors and holds a significant place on the tourist map. The city is also celebrated for its temples, including Guruvayur Temple and Vadakkunnathan Temple, drawing pilgrims throughout the year. The lively festival of Thrissur Pooram further solidifies its status as a major attraction. Given these compelling factors, Thrissur emerges as an ideal investment destination, prompting many to purchase apartments for use as tourist and pilgrim accommodations.


Thrissur is well connected to the major cities of Kerala by road. The Thrissur railway station is a major stop for the trains that ply within Kerala. Thrissur has easy access to air transport via Kochi and Kozhikode airports which are a few hours away. Commuting within the city is also facilitated by the local public transport facilities.


Historically, Thrissur has been the residence of numerous financial institutions. As per RBI records Thrissur reportedly served as the headquarters for 58 banks in the 1930s. Retaining its status as the business hub of Kerala, the city hosts the headquarters of many banks and approximately 2,000 Chit companies. Thrissur boasts a flourishing tile-producing industry, and a thriving jewelry-making sector, and serves as a manufacturing hub for Ayurveda medicines. Additionally, it is renowned for its textile showrooms.

Real Estate Scene

Thrissur has evolved into a prime destination for premium housing, driven by a multitude of factors. Whether it's towering apartments in Thrissur or secure gated villa communities, catering to tourists and pilgrims, or providing an idyllic retirement haven close to nature, Thrissur stands out as a top-notch living choice. The city is abuzz with various ongoing construction projects, making it an opportune time for real estate investment. For those considering investing in flats in Thrissur, explore the myriad benefits of investing and living in this culturally rich city, brought to you by leading builders, renowned for their eco-friendly approach to construction in Thrissur.

Thrissur is a prime destination for acquiring property in Kerala. The investments can give good returns in the long term as the real estate sector shows growth potential in the future.