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    Top Builders in Calicut

    Calicut or Kozhikode, the land of the Zamorians, is a preferred choice as a residential destination for many people wishing to settle down in Kerala. The recent developments in infrastructure in Calicut have had a significant role in this. Calicut now boasts of a good road network, reputed schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities that promise a comfortable living in this city.

    Prominent institutions like the NIT, IIM-K, Kozhikode Medical College, the KINFRA Industrial Park, UL Cyber Park, and more have changed the city very much. This has led to the creation of a modern lifestyle and changes in the living standards of the people. Calicut has many shopping destinations like the Focus Mall and the Hi-Lite Mall, to name a few. These factors have created a steady rise in the demand for residential apartments in Calicut over the last few years.

    Asset Homes, Best Builders in Calicut

    A forte builder oversees coordinating the numerous players and items required to turn a set of two-dimensional designs into a completed residence. The builder must ensure that everything is planned and that the eventual outcome is precisely what the customers anticipated. Thus, finding the best builders in Calicut is no longer a Himalayan task; Asset Homes is the best home builder in Kozhikode one can reach. Our services and features make us the top builders in Calicut with a vast number of customers. So, now there’s no second thought to selecting between the best builders in Calicut; go for Asset Homes.

    Why choose Asset Homes?

    Asset Homes prioritizes responsibility and aims to be the most responsible builder for customers, society, and the nation. Whether affordable or luxury flats in Calicut, all our projects are meticulously crafted to align with your vision of an ideal home, emphasizing quality and care.
    Committed to enhancing your quality of life, Asset Homes' luxury apartments in Calicut stand out. As a responsible builder in a competitive market, we support you throughout the home purchase process, offering free insurance for flats for a decade.

    Strategically located near Kozhikode International Airport, Calicut Medical College, and key institutions, religious centers, shopping malls, and hospitals, our well-designed flats make everyday activities more enjoyable.

    Asset Homes' properties in prime Calicut locations are constructed with the utmost care by qualified professionals, prioritizing quality. We strive for excellent service and customer satisfaction, aiming to establish long-term relationships and treat clients like extended family. Grateful for the opportunity to assist countless families in realizing their dreams and goals, we continue to uphold our commitment to responsibility and quality.


    At Asset Homes we focus not only on providing a home but also a complete lifestyle. All our properties are loaded with a plethora of amenities for all age groups. Our properties have recreation halls with indoor games, a Children’s play area, Green rated swimming pool, and an AC fitness centre.

    Asset PKS Heritance, Asset Ensign, Asset Elancasa and Asset Zenith are the ongoing projects by Asset Homes in Calicut.

    We have our properties in some of the finest & prime locations of Calicut to offer our customers the best lifestyle at the best price. We have plenty of ongoing & completed projects in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Alapuzha, Kochi, Thrissur, and Kannur to name a few.

    Calicut or Kozhikode is one of the major urban centers of Kerala that is home to premium institutes like NIT, IIM, and Kozhikode Medical College and important industrial hubs like KINFRA Industrial Park and UL Cyber Park. The robust infrastructure, excellent social infrastructure, and exclusive recreational avenues like malls, have led to a modern lifestyle increasing demand and supply for quality real estate in the city.