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Message From MD September – 2022

03 September 2022
Message From MD September – 2022

Dear friends,

The second half of august, with the arrival of chingam, turned out to be the most prosperous fortnight of this FY. Announcement of new launches and subsequent upsurge in sales automatically brought in good collections and spend at sites. The cycle will move fast with good performance through a good process. We are witnessing such a good market where best brands can harvest. Congratulations to all achievers and best wishes for a continued and consistent performance.

Onam is a festival of homecoming these days, to one’s roots from distant places; to one’s native village and to one’s own tharavadu or ancestral house. It’s a return to one’s memories, past incidents and experiences and the good old life environs and people associated with the past life. Hence, it’s of special significance to all of us. But four years since 2018, we have lost track, first in the century’s biggest floods, and another severed flood in 2019 and then we were rattled by Covid-19 spells in two consecutive years. This year we are back again on our feet celebrating Onam in its myriad colours. Many people are returning from their pravasi (expatriate) stint to celebrate Onam after the long gap, and they are in a nostalgic mood.

Now a days our office receives a lot of phone calls from different interior parts of the state enquiring whether any new project of Asset Homes is coming up in their localities. Whether one is coming up in Muvattupuzha, or Kothamangalam, Kottarakkara or Perinthalmanna, they ask. It indicates that branded, service-oriented and quality projects are in great demand even in the interior parts; the people in these parts are visualizing development coming within their vicinity. They are spotting that the kind of facilities they witnessed in the foreign countries are coming up in our state too. It may be because a new road has come or a prestigious school or an engineering college has been established. Anyhow, the Malayali has started enjoying a change in his home state. They are finding development happening in several parts of the state. We won’t miss their enjoyment, an unparalleled sweetness in their minds, as they return to witness this dynamic phase of development. They feel that there is a lot of scope for this land to develop and they long to be part of this fast-changing landscape.

Travelling from Kaniyapuram to Vizhinjam after a long gap, my friend who was stranded abroad due to Coronavirus and has returned now, said remarkable development is happening here. The flyover at Kazhakkoottam and the many new buildings that have come up on the way exhibit development in the most exquisite way. Here we hear the trumpet call for development which creates a positive mood in people. People are proudly owning the development that is taking place in the state.

This mood has prompted us to respond to the emerging aspirations of the people. It’s people’s voice. In fact, there lies the success of a good brand. In a survey, we could identify that the place which yearns for development and modern residences most, is the old industrial or commercial capital of kerala,- Alappuzha which is called Venice of the East. It is nature’s cradle and has a lot of scope for development. Hence Asset Homes has decided to launch its new project at Alappuzha on this Onam. This is the happiest news that we have to announce.

Each district has distinct characteristics related to Onam. The capital city of Thiruvananthapuram revels in grand processions, colorful lights and floats associated with Tourism celebrations and a decked-up Kanakakkunnu Palace while Ernakulam has Thrikkakara temple festival, sadya and floral carpets. Thrissur has the famed Pulikkali which is part of its culture while Palakkad has Kummatti.
For Alappuzha, it is the vallam kali or boat races that celebrate the spirit of Onam. Both snake boats and country crafts have their own races everywhere and this spirit is not to be seen anywhere in the world. The remarkable community spirit that pervades these celebrations are something to be keenly observed to learn some lessons. In fact, for an entrepreneur or an industrialist, there are some management lessons to be learned from these boat races. We should not miss the management lessons communicated through boat races.

The first thing that rushes to my mind is the sychronisation – a team comprising up to 120 rowers working in one rhtythm, one speed, one strength and in one direction they row – nowhere in the world such a phenomenon is seen. If the synchronization is not there, everything goes haywire. The management lesson that boat races in Alappuzha give to an entrepreneur is the lesson of synchronization of teamwork.

Secondly there is a training process behind the sport. In connection with our Alappuzha project, we held some discussions for sponsoring a snake boat in this edition of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. We could witness open, honest and transparent feedback happening as part of this training. The captain readies for the rehearsal or training by getting the feedback of each oarsman – where each oarsman should be placed in the boat according to skill, who should be the key rower steering the boat from its head, what kind of rowing style should be adopted, etc. There is a management lesson embedded in it; in fact they teach how to run an organization with open, honest, and transparent feedback from the stakeholders.

Trust is the third element. They are moving at an unbelievable speed and the team members trust each other as they commit in the same measure in this focused work. The boat is going in the water in a straight line like an arrow and it cannot falter. So trust is key.

The sport is unbelievably process-oriented which is the fourth crucial element. From preparing the boat to driving it into the water from land, offering the prime oar to the deity to seek blessings, deciding the places for each oarsman in the boat, and then rowing it in the water attuned to a rhythmic song – such a process-oriented sport, entertainment cannot be seen anywhere in the world. It proves that ancient society of Alappuzha were able entrepreneurs and their management lessons are definitely reflected in the running of the boats and boat races. It cannot be that boat races just became process-oriented while their businesses were not. Both in tandem went ahead. Yes, the people of Alappuzha respect ‘process.’

The fifth aspect is showing gratitude and celebrating success. See how they celebrate victory. The teams make it a point to visit the places of worship on the snake boat itself with the trophy to offer obeisance, as a mark of this gratitude.

In a nutshell, if you don’t notice the culture and management lessons that are embedded in the spirit and psyche of the people of Alappuzha, you won’t understand the people of Alappuzha. If people complain that Alappuzha lacks an environment congenial for industries and entrepreneurs cannot succeed there, it’s because their enterprises lack these five aspects in their ventures out there.If you possess these five aspects, you reflect Alappuzha’s culture. That’s the culture the boat races showcase. People and institutions that possess this culture will be wholeheartedly welcomed by the people of Alappuzha. So for Asset Homes this Onam is dedicated to the people of Alappuzha.

 We are coming to Your place. With a grand realization and insight, understanding Alappuzha and its people and realizing Alappuzha’s spirit. Hence the project, its design, its appearance , finish and location are close to Alappuzha’s heart.

Yes, our project is coming at the finishing point of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race facing the backwaters – a grand sought after location indeed. It’s a vantage point and the who’s who of Alappuzha will be keen on finding their new abode here; a new branch of life where they can find a new meaning for their life. We promise to be an Asset to Alappuzha.

Asset Homes wishes a Happy Onam to all readers, assetians and family .

Warm Regards
Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director