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Message From MD September – 2019

02 September 2019
Message From MD September – 2019

Dear friends,

On the first anniversary month of the great deluge 2018, we all were a worried lot. Another flood like situation, landslides and human casualties marked this August. We are also worried by the possible slowdown rather downturn of economy worldwide especially India. The economic recession may be real or unreal, but one thing is sure. The negative mood in the market is a reality. So what do you call the present scenario? Good times? Bad times? Or Difficult times?

The entire global mind frame is designed to make you worry rather depressed by the marketing efficiency of the mankind. How can you say “constructing happiness” is good for economy? If every one is happy with what we have, why we work for more? Without making you worry about your appearance as you grow older, how can some one sell an anti ageing cream? Without making worry about the life, how can a political party get votes in an election? How will you buy insurance policies, without some one telling you that you will die one day. Without telling you that you look ugly and make you worried, how some one go for a cosmetic surgery? We all go for movies, when we worry about missing to watch it. To be calm, quiet, happy and contended with what we have without any upgradation will never be good for business.

Coming back to Good times, It may bring in happiness, love, success, confidence, harmony and health. It is the time when every one enjoys and satisfied about the outcome of efforts. But at the same time, happiness may make us lazy and indisciplined. Being loved makes you pampered and success may gift you ego. Most of the cases over confidence makes you arrogant and harmonious relationships may take you for granted. When you’re healthy you’re casual and may even quit exercises.

I have a strong feeling that good times may bring the worst out of us and difficult times brings the best in you.

What is positive about bad times? We all remember God in bad times. We all start prayers in bad times and propose to live with great faith in positivity. Bad times always makes us disciplined. Being Humble is the hallmark of bad times. Every one put more efforts in bad times and try our level best to achieve more.

So the critical question is which is the good time ? A good time or a bad time. According to me a bad time is a good time for a genuine person and organisation. Our career/ professional life is comprised of several ups and downs. Those ups are valued as good times when business runs smoothly with less complications and the downs are bad times when business becomes harder and more complicated. No matter how wealthy we are or what position we hold, we ought to face both bad and good times one after another. I think happiness better describes a good time. But happiness can not be measured, it is a feeling that gives us the most pleasure. On the other hand, bad times come when one’s expectation does not come true.

Let me wish every one the patience and courage to transform every difficult moment to an enjoyable good moment by dedicated efforts and management. Let me also wish everyone a happy and prosperous ONAM !

Warm regards

Sunil Kumar V