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Message from MD – September 2016

01 September 2016
Message from MD – September 2016

Mid August as usual marked the beginning of a new Malayalam year. Let me wish all of you a prosperous Malayalam calendar year. The month witnessed fabulous activities on marketing and sales front. The month also demonstrated large number of NRI visits and CREDAI exhibition was a great success with qualified footfall. The day long planning workshop added spice to the activities. We were able to hand over the house constructed for a needy family under our CSR project this month. Inspired by the talk of our beloved prime minister, Sri. Narendra Modi, THE TOWN HALL SPEECH, we have decided to wear Khadi cloth uniform one day in a week from November 1st onwards.

Friends, Ask any entrepreneur, whether trust is important for their business and the answer will most definitely be yes. At any organization, trust impacts how people feel about their jobs, colleagues, workplace environment and their supervisors. Increasingly, creating a high-trust culture within organizations has become a business imperative. Trust is the foundational element of any great organization.

I feel, Inspiring Trust was my first priority at Asset homes three years back. I believed that we can’t consistently deliver innovation and success unless there is a high level of trust. Our hard, consistent efforts resulted in improved financial and market performance, cumulative shareholder returns in the top tier and the highest measured engagement levels, particularly among the leadership team. No wonder, trust is the cornerstone of our organisation now. Trust is created through management’s credibility, the respect with which employees feel they are treated, and the extent to which employees experience fairness at the workplace. The degree of pride and levels of authenticity and camaraderie employees feel with one another are additional essential components.

Having dissatisfied and demotivated members of staff and a high employee turnover rate can be expensive for us. Higher levels of trust in the organisation culminates into lower employee turnover, higher productivity, greater cost effectiveness and have a distinct impact on shareholder return.

As a leader, each one of us should have the ability to build trust. It has a profound effect on business results because trust affects measurable outcomes. Trust building is a learnable skill. It is like practicing generosity in our interactions with one another. This could take form in showing care for team members in their personal lives, communicating how one made critical departmental decisions, or earnestly investing in their professional development. We have to enable and equip ourselves to practice this skill and build trust among our team members.

Friends, Onam , our national festival is at the doorsteps. It is the time of joy and family celebrations. I take this opportunity to wish each and every member of asset homes and their family, a prosperous Onam. Let this festival bring lot more of joy, camaraderie, prosperity and LIFE to all our families.