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Message From MD October – 2022

01 October 2022
Message From MD October – 2022

Dear friends,

We have successfully completed the first six months of the current FY. It was a thrilling experience to wok with such a smart team of young, vibrant and hard working people. We are nearing the launch of our 100th project and hand over of our 75th project. The last six months were really the best half AN year we had in our history. The pace, integrity, hardworking, sincerity, punctuality, consistency, team spirit and attitude exhibited by each team member and individual departments was excellent. My sincere congratulations to all achievers and whole team members.

Keeping the team members motivated and geared up all year long is very difficult. Especially after the end of a milestone like half yearly closure, management don’t know exactly what to say day after day to keep the revenue flowing and productivity high. Every year I see on first day of October, sales team members come in dragging their feet. This is what we call the second half syndrome. There will be team members who want to coast for the next 6 months, the question is, how can we ensure they’re still motivated and ready to work hard each and every day.

The first thing some one can do to avoid second half syndrome is by setting an example yourselves. If you’re a chief officer, Responsible manager, supervisor, apprentice , or whatever, be the best one you can be. Don’t take continuous time off from the office/sites , don’t work from home if the rest of your team members are in the office. Almost nothing kills team motivation faster than a leader whom team members perceive as dishonest, ungrateful or unmotivated. You should be a reflection of what you’d like to see out of other team members of your team. Get excited about a sale, or a project hand over date, or fulfilment of a customer commitment. Every small victories should be celebrated and try to keep everyone happy.

When some one achieves the target, any short or long term goal, it is important to reward the person and his supporters as a group. Something they can all enjoy together will increase moral and avoid anyone being left out of the fun. Ask around the office to see what types of incentives people want when they have accomplished a goal. Perhaps letting the office go an hour early, to have an evening tea at a coastal tea shop is one of the many ways that are cost efficient and easy to execute to reward all office and site achievements.

Our budget meeting ,regarding company goals for 2022 is in the rear view, about 6 months back! It’s time to reconfirm with your team what they’re working towards for the remainder of the year and the weeks in between. Ensure there are metrics that can be measured so you’re able to award individuals as well as teams whom accomplish these goals. If you have members who are still feeling unmotivated, it’s best to set small daily goals as we do in sales department. While 2022 is only half way over, it’s very important to keep spirits high and ensure the whole team is pumped for the fun times ahead!

Friends, Finally, the second-half of the year should not be so different from the first. The approach may change and goals evolve, but leaders should continually ensure that their team members are executing the plan laid out for them. Employee engagement is a year-round duty. However, the latter part of the year is when it becomes extremely important. With the mid part of the financial year gone, it is possible for our team members to lose focus in the second half of the year. Technically, it is not unseriousness but a reality that should be fixed. Wish you all another successful 6 months to achieve the best you can.

Warm regards
Sunil kumar V
Founder & Managing Director
Asset Homes.