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Message From MD October – 2020

05 October 2020
Message From MD October – 2020

Dear all,


4th of October 2020, going to be a great day in the history of Asset Homes. We are inaugurating three of our prime projects as part of our continued dedication to delivering commitments. First-ever virtual inauguration in Kerala, The construction of Asset Orchestra, Asset TKM Grandios Sterling and Asset Gitanjali is completed. This marks the completion of 63 projects. High fives all around-even if virtually.

A lot of time went into all these projects – from conceptualisation to implementation. The outcomes and learning points are quite valuable and worthwhile. I am grateful for the wonderful collaboration across departments. Together we overcame all major obstacles to achieve a positive result. There is a lot of personal and emotional investment put into these projects by each member of our team. It’s time for a celebration! Celebrating success is more than just a good idea or even the best thing to do. It will definitely provide meaning, create teamwork and help to achieve greater success in future.

One of the most frustrating things about work and life is that it’s relatively easy to start things but dramatically harder to finish them. It’s always pointed out that it’s always better, to start a few things and finish them rather than starting a bunch of things and finishing fewer. According to me, there are five C’s to complete any project. Clarity is the most important among them and comes first. We should have a clear idea of what we need or want to do. Concreteness is nothing but knowing specifically what needs to be done. Getting down to the specific level is what enables everyone to take the vision in our head and turn it into reality. Commitment moves us from “this needs to be done” to “this is what I’m going to do,” and this is one of the critical steps that so many of us fall down on. Concentration is largely the idea behind the engagement threshold. Figuring out the engagement threshold for the work is simply allowing to use the right amount of energy for the right job. Without celebration and acknowledgement, everything blurs into a never-ending list of things to do. The stuff of life is more about the small steps than it is the huge wins, but if we don’t celebrate and acknowledge the small steps, it’s hard to get the huge wins.

Friends, let’s have more clarity, concreteness, commitment and concentration in all our thoughts and deeds which eventually leads to successful completion and celebration.

Warm regards
Sunil Kumar V
Founder and Managing Director