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Message From MD, November – 2023

01 November 2023
Message From MD, November – 2023


As we bid farewell to an outstanding October and eagerly anticipate the promising path of November, I’m excited to share my thoughts with you.

Last month, the resonance of our customers’ voices echoed through each initiative, offering a glimpse of their vibrant feedback. I assure you, November promises to be an even more novel and nourishing chapter. The forthcoming action plan for the next four months is set to redefine us as pioneers, fostering a brilliant burgeon. Who will drive this transformation? The unequivocal answer lies within our team.

A team is the genesis of an organisation’s future. Comprising both leaders and followers, a team embodies the core fabric of success. Within every organisation, leaders play a pivotal role as coaches, guides, and inspirers. Their ability to motivate, navigate challenging times, and steer individual career progressions exemplifies their significance. A leader is not solely defined by a designated position but by action, transcending mere authority.

Leadership is often conflated with authority, yet authentic leadership transcends mere position. It resides in behaviour and action. We are fortunate to have many team members exemplifying leadership traits, regardless of their designated roles. Upon reflection, I’ve observed a cohort of individuals within our second group—dynamic, young, knowledgeable, resilient, and transparent. Yet, what truly distinguishes a great leader? Undoubtedly, a dose of luck plays its part!

The identification and discernment of less effective team members within an organisation is not as facile as one might assume. It demands astute observation and practised insight. Discerning the signals that may lead to organisational missteps requires keen observation, a skill honed through diligent practice. Among these observations, we encounter commendable practices exercised by our leaders, five of which I’d like to share, albeit anonymously, due to their nature.

Among us, I’ve discovered a leader who ardently believes in the potency of praise as a tool to foster team performance. This individual adeptly sandwiches criticism between layers of commendation, propelling the team towards success.

Another outstanding leader within our ranks diligently dismantles ego from our collective ethos, ensuring that personal status doesn’t impede organisational progress.

A third remarkable individual maintains an unwavering focus on the customer, recognising their needs as the cornerstone of our success.

Simultaneously, a demanding yet unwaveringly fair leader amongst us exemplifies the balance between a congenial workplace and the necessity for exceptional performance.

Personally, I am an advocate for building networks both within and beyond our organisation. These networks extend to customers, suppliers, potential partners, and stakeholders, a vital component in propelling our business forward. I firmly believe in adaptability and a willingness to seize opportunities wherever they may arise. This adaptability is pivotal in a landscape where opportunities continually evolve.

My methodology and beliefs are centred around driving each departmental process, seeking continual improvement, and fostering a culture of change, progress, and efficiency. I urge each one of you to explore, experiment, and practice these principles.

Wishing you all an inspiring and productive month ahead.

Warm regards,

Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director
Asset Homes