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Message From MD November – 2020

02 November 2020
Message From MD November – 2020

Dear friends,

Maintaining motivation is becoming an increasing challenge for many of us slogging through life curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic. I’m among a growing number of people who admit to a lack of motivation for tasks they know.
“Doing what’s meaningful — acting on what really matters to a person — is the antidote to burnout,”

What is keeping me awake at night during this global pandemic? A major concern that emerged is how to keep our team motivated when their world is crashing around them. The circumstances of work have become more difficult. Keeping morale and motivation up among team members while they are dealing with the stress of COVID-19 as well as parenting children while working from home. How can we be supportive while maximizing productivity? How do we help team members with work/life balance? How to keep people engaged and connected and optimistic while so many have so many competing personal, business, health and family issues.

Keeping spirits high in a sales team is very important. At the moment our sales force has to work twice as hard for half of the results. Even though We have reduced the expectation of results, they still feel like they are losing the game, every day. I believe this will be a marathon, not a sprint, and we have to keep their spirits high so that we can keep them for when we recover. It’s really tough to keep sales team members motivated who were asked to take a salary reduction. But please be aware that our warriors are eager to be motivated, to find meaning at work during this crisis.

Creating a sales friendly customer relation systems can help our sales force stay organized and focused. An increase in the sales team’s closing ratio, retention of customers by reducing cancellations and thereby improved productivity is the need of the hour. Define our target audience, recognize and avoid people outside this segment are more likely to increase the results in sales and also helps to avoid wastage of time. Salespeople must spend the better part of their days in the field, by making use of easy and remote access to timely and critical customer and sales information through digital media. Continuous technical training on projects, sales process training, gathering together to share best practices and learning digital ways for better performance is a must. Almost all sales roles have administrative or customer service aspects, But unfortunately too often, those activities take up more time than the actual selling activities. The most important thing we must do to improve our performance is to figure out how well we are actually performing now and then make a plan to do better.

Let’s all support and help our warriors to win this big game of acquiring more and more customers and develop business profoundly.

Warm regards
Sunil Kumar v
Founder & MD.