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Message From MD – November 2017

01 November 2017
Message From MD – November 2017

Dear friends,

We are into the month of November. For Asset Homes, the completion of TEN successful years adds value to this month. We have gone through all good and bad phases of entrepreneurship during this period. It was a journey of courage, optimism, hard work, innovation, partnering, hard decisions, and determination. Today we are a CRISIL DA2 rated builder with 49 completed projects and 31 ongoing projects. The one and only aim to create the most customer-centric builder brand in India has made us reach this position. I take this opportunity to thank one and all performers whose contributions created this brand called ASSET.

October was a great month of performance. We were able to lay the stone for three new projects at three new locations – Gateway at Pathanamthitta, Ensign at Calicut and Senate at Kannur. All projects were well received by the customers and I am happy with the way sale is picking up. The latest edition of our talk series “Beyond Square Feet” was conducted at Trivandrum. The branch audit programme “Bandhan” was completed at all branches.

As mentioned in the last few monthly messages, I started learning a lot through the two continuing programs – ‘Bandhan’ and ‘Lead the Leaders.’ The first learning is nothing but ‘human talent is the main resource that affects the firm’s performance.’ Just like in many other organisations, as the Founder of Asset I have become a very busy person now-a-days, recruiting key employees, raising funds, monitoring sales and service, chairing a board, developing partnerships, setting strategies, and designing the organization, to name a few responsibilities. What often falls by the wayside as I get pulled in all directions is intensive mentoring and monitoring of team members. Like many young companies, we also face both technological and market risks. I am forced to prioritise dealing with these challenges rather than dealing with the more mundane aspects of human resource management. But now I realise that a more intensive people management is a worthwhile investment of my time. Effective human resource management at all levels is more than just keeping the work flowing. We also need to focus on the strategic part of managing people to make sure that all team members are working on the right tasks, that they’re getting the feedback they need, and they’re happy with the organisation, so they’re less likely to quit. The latest decision to implement six new initiatives focused on engaging the team has been a historic one. I believe that a large part of building a strong business involves creating personal connections. Being the first responsible person in the organisation, my job calls for not only drive and passion, but emotional intelligence as well, embracing the humanity and engaging with our workforce. Bandhan and Lead the Leaders help the team members to gain perspective on strategies and projects. This helps to align our team members to the common goal on a frequent basis, creating a highly mobilized and enthusiastic team. Understanding why our human resources do business is more important than understanding what they do and this kind of understanding is only attainable through in-person interactions. At Asset, these initiatives help to give Team Leaders their higher sense of purpose and ultimately make the difference they set out to make.

I also take this opportunity to invite one and all with family to the event “MEHFIL” organised in connection with our tenth anniversary celebration and inauguration of our 50th completed project. The venue is CIAL Auditorium, Nedumbassery. Together let’s make it a grand success.

Warm regards,

Sunil Kumar V