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Message From MD May – 2021

15 May 2021
Message From MD May – 2021

Dear friends,

Well begun is half done. April, with its gentle and aggressive performance, throws light to a bright new financial year. Let’s hope this journey will be successful as the beginning. Willingness to be a beginner every morning will lead to great success by the end of the day.

The second wave of covid-19 in the country has dealt a much bigger shock to India’s healthcare system than the first wave. But the economic shock will be moderate compared to the previous year. One big reason for that lies in the lockdown rules this year, allowing greater relaxations for construction activities and movement of goods than last year. Unlike last April, when the Indian construction industry was forced to shut down because of an extended nationwide lockdown, this time, things are different. Now, state governments have taken the lead in imposing restrictions, and they seem to have learnt some lessons from the devastating lockdown of 2020.

Let’s be hopeful, provide confidence to the team and customers, spread positive messages and ultimately attain peace of mind and happiness. In the current ocean of helplessness – inability to procure ourselves protection from a tiny virus – is it wrong to clutch at anything that gives us a sense of control over the future? Or is it better to provide our team members and customers with a little bit of confidence and hope in these challenging times? As marketers, we don’t judge. We don’t mislead. We just provide every one hope. Gift-wrapped.

COVID is driving digital adoption across the world, and India is leapfrogging into the digital economy. We look forward to zoom conferences, digital site visits, robotic construction, AI-supported market analysis, blockchain, big data, drone facilitated site management, 3 D printing and augmented reality for marketing. The virus is crunching a transition that would have usually taken a decade or more. That’s great for the world economy in the long run.

Very soon, your boss can be a bot or robot. That’s already happening. An Uber driver is told where to go by google maps. An algorithm decides which rides he can choose. In some ways, it can be good – no politics, no social interaction, just efficiency with the occasional algorithmic bias.

Winning the market is going to require tons of tech and data. That means you need bots and robots. Will they run you, or will you run them is the only choice. Friends, our industry will also witness an unbelievable leap on the IT front, which will cure most of the pain points we face. We also should be prepared to welcome this change and embrace the future with passion and affinity to change according to the changing times. Let’s all learn this new habit of changing the habits.

I wish you all a wonderful and successful month of May with a lot of happiness.

Warm regards
Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director
Asset Homes.