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Message From MD – May 2018

01 May 2018
Message From MD – May 2018

Dear friends,

April always marks the grand beginning of a new financial year. As usual this time also April was awesome. April always brings in recognitions for all the good things done in last year. This year also April brought laurels to us. We were awarded with two national awards, one for the upcoming builder at national level and another one for our CSR activity called, INSIGHT, the call centre of ours at kollam for the visually challenged. The awards were instituted by the famous industry magazine, “construction times”. Sales and construction was as per schedule, but there was a little slowness in Many other departments. We have to really push forward the entire team to reach the targets in the coming days.

Celebrations on May 1, it’s a day of worker solidarity and protest; though the U.S. observes its official Labor Day in September, many countries including India celebrates Labor Day on first May. How did that happen? This connotation dates back to May Day, 1886, when some 200,000 U. S. workmen engineered a nationwide strike for an eight-hour day. The May 1, 1886, labor action wasn’t just any strike—it was part of what became known as the hay market affair. On May 1 of that year, Chicago ,along with other cities, was the site of a major union demonstration in support of the eight-hour workday. In 1889, the International Socialist Conference declared that, in commemoration of the Haymarket affair, May 1 would be an international holiday for labor, now known in many places as International Workers’ Day.

Asset homes creates more than ten lakh man days of job per Annum for the last few years. I am happy to state that we oblige all statutory labour norms, provide decent accommodation to the needy, make labour payments through bank directly to each individual account and provide safe working environments and insurance policies. Ultimately we believe that they are the ones who create your dreams and they should be rewarded appropriately and timely. Greetings of May Day to all our labour force.

Perform or perish is the phrase usually used at all troubled times of any industry and organisation. Trouble can be an internal or external phenomenon but the fact is that it’s there. It’s true that professional and productive work culture would help turn around the trouble state-run company or industry. I wish to implore all of you to sustain this effort to resurrect the pride and glory of the industry. We as builders have to perform if we do not want to perish. I would also like to emphasise the onus to steer the industry out of troubled times lies on organisations like ours. Each one of you is brand ambassador of the entire industry as well as Asset homes and you have to ensure that our flag always flies high. We have to adopt a professional and productive work culture which will hold the key for the turn around of the industry under new regimes of RERA and GST. Your hard work has helped us and industry to improve in some of the key operational parameters in recent times, like sales, customer service, construction quality and delivery timelines but still, we have miles to go.

The onus is on us to steer our industry as well as our organisation out of turbulence into clear skies again with single-minded determination and grit. We must aim to improve our performance in every sphere to match up to world class benchmarks.

As a strong believer of the immense potentials of my team members, I have strong confidence and faith on the efforts and performance of the team. Now the time has reached to prove the entire industry that we are right and and we will provide our immense strength and caliber to the rejuvenation of industry at least in kerala. Wish you all a performance packed MAY.