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Message from MD – May 2017

01 May 2017
Message from MD – May 2017

Dear friends

April always lays the foundation of a financial year in an organization. If it’s an awesome April, it will definitely be an awesome year too. By God’s grace all went well in this April and Asset Homes is ready for the big leap forward. Congratulations to all the performers for their brilliant efforts,ideas and results.

There is an increased level of dialogue about the ambitious budget and business plan  for  the next financial year. Proposals being thrown around ranging from speciality projects to regular ones. The methods and the final plans are debated frequently at various meetings and levels.But as long as we’re talking about such great initiatives, why not include in the program an investment in humans as well as projects?

Let me make a point with clarity. Hence forth, AT ASSET HOMES, HUMAN IS NOT A RESOURCE.

People are resourceful. But, the people, are not resources. They are not the same as desks, licenses, infrastructure, and other goods that people need to finish their work.

We need to change the language in our organization. We need to  talk about people as people, not resources.  And, maybe, just maybe, we can think of the real resources in the organization. You know, the ones we buy with the capital equipment budget or expense budget, not operating budget. The desks, the cables, the computers. Those resources. The ones that depreciate. Those are resources. Not people. People must become more valuable over time. The prevailing view of people is one rooted in finances. Resources – money, stocks and other assets – are finite and have an expiration date. People’s capabilities and ideas, however, are infinite.

As human beings, we can draw on an infinite amount of possibilities, ideas and apply them through our always-unfolding experiences learned from life. We use our intellect, our collaborative natures to tease out nuances in new business ideas or revolutionize markets through a new product offering. It is silly to say this, but necessary for the point, but money, stocks or other finite assets cannot revolutionize markets.

People revolutionize markets. Assets are merely a means to such an end. Money without people is useless. We are seeing employees refusing to play by the tired rules from the previous century. They are leaving jobs to start their own work. They are leaving companies that treat them as a finite asset in hopes of finding someplace where they are valued.

We are slow to acknowledge this. We are chasing finite resources for short-term gain, and end with alarmed faces and panicked actions  when we cannot get the talent we want because of arcane policies that treat people as finite resources.

As we want to tap into the infinite possibilities of human caliber, we need to  find a more willing collaborator in our employees. The nuance in such a change is that a relationship exists between manager and employee unlike what is familiar and broken today: boss tells employee what to do; employee complies. Or worse, employee shares ideas and manager takes credit or smothers ideas.

People are not resources. People are who turn resources into more resources. It is people who transform markets or turn businesses into sensations. People are not a means to an end.  We need to Collaborate with employees in a manner that sparks ideas that turn into profit

For all of us at Asset homes, it is a period of performance and growth. Hence this is also is a transition period of shedding outdated management and leadership views that minimize the value of people into a finite resource. It is up to all of us  to choose to make effective use of this period. I hope we will value our people and come out with wonderful initiatives , projects, programs and more profits to our dear organization, ASSET.

Warm Regards
Sunilkumar V
Managing director