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Message From MD, March – 2023

01 March 2023
Message From MD, March – 2023

Dear friends,

We were surprised to experience February contrary to our expectations! This sentence contains all my comments about February. Particular areas where we thought of bad outcomes performed exceptionally well, and certain areas where we thought of performance excellence fared pathetically. Business always teaches you about many things every day. Wherever you lost, it gave you a sound experience. These are the fees you pay to learn more.

Friends, we are all entering the last month of the current Financial Year. Overall we have done well and will surpass the performance indexes in all business avenues compared to the previous year. I wish every Assetian to perform their best in March to attain the maximum growth in FY 22-23.

We all know that meetings are the key to success in any business. It can be intra-department or inter-department, SMT meets or first circle; there is no reason you have to suffer or make your team members suffer through an unplanned meeting. Mastering team meetings is an art. All leaders should learn this well so that their success is ensured. No matter how much many of us hate going to meetings. But a generally accepted best practice is that team members should meet with their managers regularly. More often than not, unfortunately, I hear many of our leaders and their team dreading these get-togethers. We must ensure that all meetings are well spent with our colleagues and add value to everyone’s roles in some meaningful way.

A clear purpose is to be set for every team meeting. You and your team should be well aware of what both parties want out of the session. That’s how you align your purpose with their goals. Every meeting should have a time-boxed agenda and always be followed up with minutes. Sending an agenda in advance with necessary notes, preparing by reading and understanding the data to be discussed, deliberating on points raised, and asking the right questions at the right time are the essentials of any meeting. No one wants to listen to a monologue, and no one wants to be in a meeting with other people who are checked out. The team leader should not speak more than one-third of the time and should keep reading the room.

The WhatsApp conversation is a big threat to any meeting, and If you’re losing people, you’re wasting everyone’s time, and you cost the company money. The meetings can be made more productive by keeping reasonable timelines, concluding with positive decisions, engaging different minute makers, and inviting expert guests.

Most importantly, don’t set it and forget it. You have to be clear on why you’re making a new meeting format and give it the necessary time to settle. Starting or overhauling your meeting process won’t necessarily show positive results in the next meeting. Changing it too often could cause unrest and even distrust if the rules of engagement keep changing. Have at least five meetings for a new routine to set in and then evaluate whether the changes are effective and adjust as needed. Solicit feedback from your team members regularly. After all, it’s their meeting!

Good luck and happy FY closure.
Warm regards
Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director