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Message From MD – March 2019

01 March 2019
Message From MD – March 2019

Dear friends,

As all of you know, 2019 brings in lots of good news to the industry as well as to the organisation. The reduction in GST rates was the latest. Affordable and regular housing segments were in dire need of a reduction in GST. The substantial deductions will bring in big investments, and the organisation should be ready to welcome these new opportunities. February was again a rewarding month for our efforts and I wish to congratulate all the performers. March is always challenging and I wish everyone good luck in achieving their yearly targets.

We were discussing the term CULTURE for the past few months. The first-of-its-kind meeting to understand organisational culture as well as to get trained was held in February. A “Purpose Retreat” and the Town Hall Address was held on 16th February. The pillars of the organisational culture were identified through an elaborate process with the active participation of fifty Assetians. The identified pillars are 1) simplicity, 2) customer centricity, 3) speed, 4) innovation and 5) responsibility. The term assetness was defined as “a feeling encapsulated in the mind of every customer of ours due to the responsible response of each and every member of our team. It is the most delightful emotion created in the minds of customers during the entire process of purchasing a unit from us. It is the zenith of happiness!” Culture prevails and takes lead wherever there is an absence of a system or process.

The simplest way I look at organisational culture is as ‘behaviour’. How do individuals or teams in an organisation behave in different situations with different stakeholders – employees, customers and partners. Our behaviour in the personal arena is driven by our background, beliefs, education and environment. So is the organisational behaviour. A ‘great culture’ attracts the finest talents, promotes innovation and inspires a bias for flawless execution. In short, it guarantees long-term success. A ‘bad culture’ is even more incredible. It can obliterate organizations – big and small!

For me culture is omnipresent. I feel it in various aspects of an organisation – decision making, project execution, customer service, cross-functional collaboration, employee recognition, office-space layout and talent pool.

We have started the process of building a team of cultural ambassadors by identifying champions who are well respected and have a proven record of being influencers. They will lead the transformation to good culture on the ground. They also have a critical role to play with a well-defined vision and an executable plan which celebrates small victories. They need to walk the talk and inspire the rest of the organization. Let’s put all our efforts together to make the great transformation simple and straight.

Warm regards,

Sunil Kumar V.