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Message From MD, June – 2023

01 June 2023
Message From MD, June – 2023

Dear friends,

I wanted to reflect on the past month and commend all of you for your exceptional performance. It has been truly inspiring to witness the remarkable achievements and actions that have taken place. Congratulations to all the performers and my best wishes for continued success.

Each month holds significance due to the various activities that shape our future. Whether they are innovative endeavours or routine tasks, the implications always tend to exceed our expectations. This is often influenced by social factors that impact the activities and the people executing them. As we assess the facts and figures, it becomes evident that individuals make a significant difference. Even the most innovative initiatives can falter due to a lack of commitment from the team or a lack of understanding about the overall objective.

In May, we conducted performance appraisals for our team members. This was an opportunity to reflect on both successes and failures. The appraisal process is crucial in enhancing organisational efficiency by ensuring that individuals perform to their fullest potential, develop their skills, and receive appropriate recognition. Consequently, this leads to overall improved performance within the organisation. At Asset Homes, appraisals are not only for identifying areas that need improvement but also for mapping out the career paths of our top performers. We aim to offer training and development opportunities that equip them with the skills necessary for advancement.

Appraisals also provide an ideal platform for communicating changes in the work environment to team members. It allows us to clearly define new responsibilities, set achievable goals, and arrange training programs on new technologies or products. Moreover, the goals set during appraisals should not only focus on individual development but also challenge everyone to enhance their performance and boost the overall productivity of the team.

However, performance goals must be fair and attainable to avoid negative impacts. In line with this, we have decided to increase remuneration for those who deserve it, ensuring we retain our best employees and eliminate underperformers. We have also recognised that unethical leadership behaviour, disregard for the well-being of team members, lack of diversity, financial security, and self-respect are more accurate predictors of attrition than mere compensation. Therefore, we are introducing a life insurance scheme and pension plans for deserving individuals as part of this year’s appraisal process.

In any organisation, giving team members a voice is vital for driving positive change. We must remember that appraisals should not be treated as one-way conversations. It is essential for employees to feel that they are on the same team as their managers, working together rather than against each other. The appraisal meeting provides a valuable opportunity for team members to express their concerns, share ideas, and ask questions. When managers actively listen and address these concerns, it cultivates a happier workforce, ultimately benefiting the organisation. In the spirit of corporate democracy, I firmly believe that team members should be allowed to vote on company decisions. This level of engagement is needed now more than ever.

I am excited about our progress so far and confident that we are on our way to becoming an exceptional workplace. Together, we can turn this vision into reality.

Warm regards,

Sunil Kumar V
Founder and Managing Director
Asset Homes