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Message From MD July– 2022

01 July 2022
Message From MD July– 2022

Dear friends,

This June, it rained for a few hours with sunny interludes, but the sunshine was never far away. These golden interludes provided an equilibrium to the natural flow of business. The Monsoon represents the business mood of June.

The handing over of Asset Rangoli at Maradu, Ernakulam proved our ability to deliver a great project with utmost quality and aesthetic standards. The rejuvenation of the interior furnishing department under the new leadership was notable. Congratulations to all performers.

For the first time in our history, we conducted an online survey about the opinion about our brand and project – Asset Rangoli, on the Inauguration Day. There were surprising answers, and I am happy to share a few findings.

As a respected brand, customers want us to understand their needs. We must ensure that we know and set those expectations with our customers from the beginning and then deliver on them. Also, many of them expect to have multiple options and customised needs while contacting us. As a proactive brand, almost everyone expects us to respond quickly to their needs. Many of them crave a personalised experience than a generalised standard process. It’s astonishing that even though we live in a seemingly anonymous culture, where “self-service” is so prevalent in many businesses, our industry's customers increasingly want a personalised experience. Everyone believes and wants us to solve their problems, from the selection of units to maintenance issues. We need to empower our front-line so that they can resolve customer issues immediately. With each transfer of landline calls, subsequent mobile calls or emails, customers lose patience with our organisation, resulting in a loss of goodwill, which can significantly affect our ability to retain and grow the customer base. Please remember that everyone wishes and wants us to listen to them without interruption. Almost everyone wants us to be proactive and love to be surprised. They also prefer saving time over money and want us to provide consistent answers.

Around 50% of the customers believe that companies don’t take action on their feedback. However, in today’s world, customers have a louder voice than ever, and if we are not listening to them, someone else will. And those companies that let customer expectations and feedback guide them dominate many industries today — Amazon being the most obvious example. By making it easier for customers to get what they want and creating products based directly on feedback, Amazon has obliterated many traditional retailers in their space.
Friends, we have a great opportunity with a massive customer base. Please serve them to make them confident to invest further and refer more.

Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director