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Message From MD – July 2018

01 July 2018
Message From MD – July 2018

Dear friends,

The month of June was raining on all fronts as usual. It was a real mix of events as rain. RAIN – We all at asset homes,danced with you, cried with you, thanked for hiding our tears and played with you. We have got drenched in you. Understood you. Felt you. Smelt you. Touched you. Got lost in you. we also have hated you as much as we loved you. Floods, Water clogging, complaints of leakage and blockage from few residents, electrical and plumbing failures due to short circuits. But still you deserve no less recognition than all of us sung in praise of you.

Lot of events including, publication of my book, prestigious Times of India award, formation of APJ Abdul Kalam foundation, Beyond Square Feet speech, announcement of a project in association with Aadarsh charitable trust specifically designed for differentials abled, completion of sample flats at two projects, are a few to be listed.

Non availability of good and smart manpower for new recruitment is the current issue faced by us. We are unable to find talent at market, even though the brand has its own credentials to attract talent. When your search word include, industry experience, CREDAI has its own restrictions put on members! Also many of them are too loaded with baggage from serving organizations. The question of conditions under which an organization might hire an employee who works elsewhere in same industry with good credentials is the subject of the season. Obviously we can conclude it as joint decision of an individual and an organization. But when you go deeper, it has its own problems and issues. When an interview board identifies a candidate with the right skills, personality and track record, for a specific job at their organization,it should be free to discount present job conditions of the candidate which may prevent him from joining a new organization due to anti poaching guidelines. This is purely my personal view. But when you are a member of an umbrella organization, you have to adhere the guidelines and bylaws. This always creates a dilemma for the talent hunters.

The next group is the group of talented people who were fired elsewhere for inappropriate behavior, even though they are smart at their subject domain. The growing availability of talent who’ve lost their jobs due to inappropriate workplace behavior contains people with a wide variety of attitudes and capabilities. Some lost their jobs for what they did; others lost their jobs for what they didn’t do. In my opinion candidates who lost their jobs for what they didn’t do to be considered differently than those who are available because of what they did. Different work environments will treat and tolerate particular  behavior differently too. Psychometric tests, technical exams, group discussions, search on personal details provided etc are few tools which enables the board to take a fair decision.

 It’s the duty of the interview board reviewing CVs to perform proper due diligence. They will also be dealing with previous employers who are engaged in what has come to be called “passing the trash,” providing recommendations for former employees that are truthful only as far as they go, leaving out critical information about why the candidate is on the market. The growing shortage of talent, may create a situation where organizations will be tempted to hire someone, who lost the job due to inappropriate work place behavior, but perhaps a highly experienced, high-profile employee who might not otherwise be available or interested in the new job. On the other hand, if the person is to be hired, what are the costs in terms of damage to an organization’s reputation and culture, manifested by objections and complaints by current employees due to wrong selection of the interview board.

It’s very tricky situation where the interview board has to take all RISKS of absorbing a possible send off person in the next few months and start searching again in a recruitment process. We have to learn the art of attracting good talents and retaining them for long to create a successful organization. Wish you all a jubilant July.


Sunil Kumar.