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Message from MD – July 2016

05 July 2016
Message from MD – July 2016

Asset Homes, as the responsible builder, leaves no stone unturned where connecting to our customers, existing and future, are concerned. Through this blog we intend to reach out to those who would like to know more about us, our products and our services, and interact with us at their leisure. So, folks, welcome to Asset Homes!

The month of Ramadan is a holy month when a large section of the world population is fasting to learn to exercise more self-restraint for their physical, psychological and spiritual benefit, thereby improving themselves in health and character. Moreover, fasting is an exercise which enables them to identify and manage adversity in all its forms. I hope the sincere prayers, devotion and faith in God of all those who observe the holy month will make them great humans to serve this society with wisdom and truth. Happy Ramadan to all! No doubt, there can’t be a better time to begin a conversation to gain better understanding of the people with a view to doing better service.

Today as I write this, I am in a different country amidst people of different colours, creeds and nativities. Though they differ in all these, their emotions and thoughts are much like ours. What triggers my thoughts in these lines is ‘The Bachelor,’ a wildly popular reality dating game show here, where 28 women contest for the hand of a single man. The women flirt outrageously and fight furiously over the man, and engage in various daring acts to win him. Added to this, the audience gets to hear them confide their fears and confessions. The women lose their hearts when the man falls for a different kind of woman. Here what’s said, or rather, what goes without saying, is that ‘if he’s into her, there’s no way he could be into me.’ The assumption is that the man, or The Bachelor, can only like one type of woman. So you may wonder why I am going about in such great detail about a mere reality game show.

This show got me thinking as to how industries in general, who provide various products and services to the public, are also misguided on how to fulfill the needs of a market. When you like one villa, they infer that you don’t like apartments and multi-storied homes. It is assumed that a lady wearing a gray salwar suit may not be fond of bright floral prints. When predicting other people’s tastes, many a vendor tend to erroneously assume that liking one thing most certainly means not liking the opposite, or even just another. This is where Asset Homes differs from most of our peers in the industry. We are in constant touch with our customers and we make every effort to know what their expectations are and what their ideal home should be like. Our sales and marketing people strive constantly to stay tuned to the pulse of our market. Our brand developers know and use the power of intuitive selling, which to us means selling what the buyer wants. In fact, we continue to serve the customer even after the sale is completed. We have a customer delight department which is always available to meet the customer’s day-to-day and urgent needs to make life in an Asset Home as close to their dreams as possible. What’s more, our services evolve with changing times and needs of the market.

In short, we realize that it’s dangerous to predict what others will like, and we admit faulty assumptions can lose you a new customer, a new sale, or even a potential mate like in the said reality show. We consistently try to keep our customers delighted. Our Global Customer Meet held in Dubai, which was the second of its kind since we initiated it two years ago, was attended by customers, prospects and well wishers who were around a 1000 in number. We will have another next year, and hopefully many more happy and satisfied customers will join us.

So long until next week! Keep reading, keep interacting, for, your feedback helps us serve you better.