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Message From MD – January 2018

01 January 2018
Message From MD – January 2018

Dear friends,

Today you will all get dressed up to celebrate the changing of the calendar – the start of something new. The New Year is here. You will be surrounded by friends that made every day feel like home. Those that helped you get through yet another year. Some faces will be new, yet familiar. Some may be old, but you’ll be forever grateful to have them near.

You said farewell not only to the year 2017, but to a lot of things. Maybe to some faces that faded away and out of your life. Maybe to someone you just couldn’t hold on to anymore. Maybe to loved ones that went away to a place much more beautiful than here. Maybe you had to leave a job or a town. Maybe your farewell was something more personal, something much more than words can allow.

Whatever your farewell was to on New Year’s Eve, I hope it was for the better. I hope it was for the good. I hope you held on to what you needed, and I hope you let go of what had to be gone.

While some are saying farewell, others of you will be saying hello for the first time. Some will be welcoming the year of 2018 with their arms open wide. Maybe this will be your year of big plans. Maybe you are making room for even bigger stories. Maybe you are welcoming a new job, a new relationship, a new state of mind.

Whatever your hello is this year to, I hope it’s one of the sweetest ones ever and one you never forget. I find this to be true, some farewells and hellos are a lot harder to do. But this one, this farewell and hello to another year, seems to be the easiest of all.

Maybe it simply gives just another reason to celebrate, or maybe for some it’s an opportunity to reflect or to anticipate a new year with hope. Or maybe we just make up another list of excuses and hopes that we’ll never accomplish. Maybe it’s the thrill of simply flipping that page. Of getting the chance to say goodbye one more time.

The New Year’s is already here. I can already see the memories being made. I can already hear the laughter in the office. I can understand the big plans being made and the resolutions taken. I take this opportunity to wish all of you a prosperous and wonderful 2018 with Asset Homes.

Students at Boca Raton Community High School in Florida wanted to make sure that no one has to eat lunch alone or feel like they don’t have anyone to talk to. They founded We Dine Together, a group where members spend their lunch period with a different person every day. The simple act of sitting down next to someone who is eating lunch alone and starting up a conversation benefits everyone. This story greatly motivated us, and we have started the practice of having lunch together at the office from this month onwards. We have named this programme Meet & Meal.

How can office food help in building a cohesive and productive workforce? Food impacts employee well-being and productivity, and there is a need to equip people with the knowledge to help them make the right food decisions at workplace as well as at home. We are committed to our vision of inspiring the members to recognize food choices and experiences as a way to build sustainable lifestyles and communities. The foremost motivation behind this programme is to make healthy diet an integral part of the company culture and make it available to all our employees. Having employees healthy in body and mind is essential because happy and healthy employees skip work less, are more innovative and also have lower healthcare costs. Another vital part of the programme is to ensure employees don’t lose sight of the social aspects of work and thus eating together is given utmost importance creating a collaborative work atmosphere. Kindly keep up the spirit behind the programme and enjoy your lunch at workplace from this new year onwards.

This New Year, Asset Homes introduces something new, again, to encourage interaction among the employees. During the monthly SMT meetings, every team member can ask a real tough question related to his or her domain for which they don’t have an answer. The First Circle members will reply to them. This practice will not only encourage interaction, this will also encourage group discussions which will help the team face issues and, instead of finding excuses, find solutions by themselves.

Dear all, December was good for us on all work fronts. Jackpot Season 2 is the talk of the industry now. It has picked up momentum and is going to be another successful campaign of Asset. I wish all warriors good luck and Godspeed to reap maximum results of the campaign and wish each and every team member another successful year in their respective positions.


Sunil Kumar V