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Message From MD, February – 2024

01 February 2024
Message From MD, February – 2024

Dear Friends,

As we step into February, I want to reflect on our incredible start to 2024. Our team’s dedication and hard work have led to higher sales figures and significant revenue generation, marking a strong beginning to the year.

The new business associations with M/s Colombia Pacific, M/s Govind Furnishings, and M/s Bright Kuries were particular highlights. The inauguration of sample apartments at Asset Gateway, Pathanamthitta and Asset Majestic, Thrissur, along with the show flat at Asset Moon Grace, Ernakulam, are milestones worth celebrating. We also take pride in registering our 50th project with KRERA, setting a record in Kerala’s building industry. Our active participation at the Kerala Literature Festival at Kozhikode and the successful inauguration of the Taurus Embassy Tech Zone in Trivandrum further demonstrate our commitment and capability. Congratulations to everyone for these remarkable achievements.

January also marked the Prana Prathishta of the deity at Ram Temple in Ayodhya, a momentous event with deep spiritual significance. Drawing inspiration from this, I am reminded of the profound business lessons embedded in the life of Lord Ram, an embodiment of virtue and wisdom in Hindu mythology. His unwavering commitment to dharma (righteousness) and ethical conduct in all endeavours teaches us the importance of maintaining financial integrity and ethical business practices.

The Ramayana’s teachings on defining clear goals, creating a vision, and taking steady steps towards success resonate with our business strategies. Lord Ram’s journey to Lanka, his mission to free Sita, and the construction of Ram Sethu exemplify the power of vision and perseverance. Similarly, in our business, we must set clear objectives, follow a defined path, and build our success with consistent efforts, much like the building of Ram Sethu. Building small but consistent habits will form a solid bridge for business success, financial well-being and wealth creation.

It’s crucial to discern genuine opportunities from illusions, as exemplified by the story of Sita and the golden deer. All that glitters is not gold. Similarly every investment/business opportunity is NOT a golden deer. This teaches us to make informed decisions, not based on superficial allurements but on solid research and understanding. Another vital lesson is drawing our own ‘Lakshman Rekha’ in business to define risk tolerance and protect our capital. It guides us to take calculated risks that align with our organisation’s risk-to-reward ratio.

Lord Ram’s loyalty and his ability to forge strong alliances with many partners in mission, highlight the importance of trust and loyalty in our business relationships. Building trust with stakeholders, partners, team members, and customers is crucial for the stability and growth of our business.

The narrative of King Dasaratha’s succession plan of Ayodhya, to place Ram at the helm of affairs was interrupted by Kaikeyi. Whereas Ram was wise to implement his succession plan to have equitable division of his kingdom between Lava and Kusha. This underscore the importance of effective communication, execution in leadership, and the development of potential managers for long-term retention and growth.

Moreover, every religion and its writings teach us according to our perspective. Whether it’s a source of devotion, a way of life, a professional guideline, or a management principle, the core philosophy remains the same – the path to success. Let us choose to interpret these teachings through the lens of integrity, hard work, sincerity, and smart work. These values are essential for guiding our business towards growth, prosperity, and success.

In conclusion, let us draw inspiration from these timeless lessons and apply them to our professional lives. Together, we can continue to achieve great things and positively impact our field.

Warm regards,

Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director
Asset Homes