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Message From MD February – 2022

01 February 2022
Message From MD February – 2022

Dear friends,

Congratulations to all performers of January and best wishes for a fabulous February.

The principles of reviewing the past month’s performance and creating a road map for the next month of every team member in a transparent, purposeful and honest way is the foundation upon which we established SMT (Senior Management Team) meetings at Asset Homes years ago. Today, these monthly meetings continue to shape and propel us into the future.

As we celebrate the significant milestone of conducting 175 SMT meetings in a row, let us continue to frame every decision we make based on these values. Let us honour the performers among us, motivate others to perform and create an impressive future for all of us. And let this demisemiseptcentennial be a celebration of the Asset family that has transformed hearts and minds and ignited change for the past 175 months. Yes, it’s time to rechristen SMT meetings to YES. ‘Yes’ Means nothing but YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL SUMMIT.

The general perception is that an entrepreneur is responsible not just for his work rather for the entire organization’s work. An employee is often assigned a task and is accountable to finish it at a given time. So the responsibility is less in comparison to an entrepreneur’s responsibility. But many team members own their departments and act as entrepreneurs in all senses. If we can find such people in our team, we are in luck! They’re committed. They’re passionate. They’re smart. They’re innovative. They are highly responsible. They push others. They are a crucial part of any team.

Who are these sensational people? They are entrepreneurial employees. Though they are sometimes unwieldy, intimidating, and may even outpace us, we can’t argue with their potential and power. I have been lucky to spot fifty such people among us, and still, we are looking out for such quality human resources to make the number 100. We will be providing an excellent opportunity to run their team responsibly and independently for them. They may change this organization and may even change the world.

Asset Homes is always about entrepreneurship. We have created many successful entrepreneurs who successfully run businesses after leaving us. We are proud and confident that we could create a spark in their mindset to start something new. However, continuing to be successful is very challenging and needs a lot of skill sets.

I like the idea of an intrepernuer. I think that starting your own business has a lot of risks. Some people are so talented but do not have the means to become entrepreneurs. Becoming an intrepenuer allows these gifted workers to get their ideas out with the safety net and support of an already established company.

An intrapreneur is an employee who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a new product or service. An intrapreneur brings entrepreneurial thinking and skills to build within the structure of an existing organization. Successful intrapreneurship utilizes existing frameworks and resources, and this bottom-up approach usually leads to initiatives that advance the company. I won’t mind calling them dreamers. They are the ones that take on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within a business.

I hope that the new format for the SMT meetings under the YES banner will help our team members hone their entrepreneurial skills, and I am sure that these dreamers will create a brighter future. YES, We Can, and We will.

Sunil kumar V
Founder & Managing Director
Asset Homes.