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Message From MD February – 2020

03 February 2020
Message From MD February – 2020

Dear friends,

We are moving to our brand new corporate office at Kundanur Junction, Maradu. Shri.Prithviraj Sukumaran has set the process in motion by formally inaugurating Asset Centrale, Centre of Responsibility, in a private function. Invoking the blessings of God Almighty, together we are starting a new journey. A journey with more caution, more transparency, more customer centricity, more intention, more providence and over all with more responsibility. What kind of noun is responsibility? It is nothing but a duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform a task and which has a consequent penalty for failure too. Let’s understand this in true sense and act more responsibly in the coming days. Wishing you blessed days ahead! A get together in connection with the formal inauguration of the corporate office and handing over of 3 completed projects would be held on 29th March 2020 at hotel Le-Meridian. Kochi. Kindly save the date and keep every one of us in your individual prayers!

A fog of burnout surrounds the world. Many people are perpetually exhausted, annoyed, and feeling unaccomplished and unappreciated on their job front due to the unpleasant economic situations. They feel that they should quit the job. But is that the best choice for employees? Ultimately only the person knows what is right in such a situation. There can be a lot of reasons for such a situation. But if you watch and examine closely we can find out six major reasons behind the same. They are stress due to workload, lack of autonomy, rewards, working environment, fair and equitable treatment and mismatch on values.

Stress due to workload can be due to bad planning of our work schedule, poor prioritizing our jobs, mistakes in delegating the tasks and inability to say NO. When we have a workload that matches the capacity, we can effectively get our work done, have opportunities for rest, and find time for professional growth and development.

Feeling like, there is lack of autonomy, access to resources, and a say in decisions that impact our professional life can take a toll on our well-being. If you find yourself feeling out of control, step back and ask yourself, “What exactly is causing me to feel this way?” If the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards for the job don’t match the amount of effort and time some one put in to them, then he may likely to feel like the investment is not worth the payoff. In these instances, you want to look within and determine exactly what you would need to feel properly appreciated.
Who do you work with or around? How supportive and trusting are those relationships? In many cases you can’t choose your colleagues and clients, but you can improve the dynamic.

Think about whether you believe that you receive fair and equitable treatment. If you feel that a lack of fairness exacerbates your burnout, start by speaking up. Sometimes individuals are unaware of their biases or won’t take action until you ask for what you want. You can request to be mentioned as a contributor, to give part of a presentation, or for additional time and resources. If you highly value something that your company does not, your motivation to work hard and persevere can significantly drop. Ideals and motivations tend to be deeply ingrained in individuals and organizations. When you’re assessing this element of burnout, you need to think carefully about how important it is to you to match your values with those of the organization.

Burnout isn’t simply about being tired. It’s a multifaceted issue that requires a multifaceted solution. Before you quit, really think through what exactly is contributing to your burnout and attempt to make changes. If you find that despite your best efforts, little has changed, then see if it makes sense to stay or if it’s time to leave.

Having said all these, I feel the best way to make a decision is to have patience and deliver confidently what you are supposed to do. Many a times the best medicine for all these problems is High Performance, which radiates energy and inspire you and all around.

Have a great leap month.

Sunil Kumar V
Founder and Managing Direcor