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Message From MD – February 2018

01 February 2018
Message From MD – February 2018

Dear friends,

The first month of 2018 was good for us due to many reasons. The project – Asset Insignia was handed over to clients, the commercial block of asset Orchestra was handed over to the land owners, the sample apartments of asset Gulmohar and Asset Orchestra were inaugurated, CRISIL organisational audit is completed and Huron awards were received for most trusted real estate entrepreneur. Really a marvellous start with great achievements to be listed. The ambience, facilities and quality of works at INSIGNIA is the BEST in the industry. Special kudos to Mahesh and team! As usual sales and collection groups performed with excellence. Congratulations to one and all.

As you know, we are in the process to be a “ Great place to work”. Break through programmes like, Daily messages, learning from mistakes, wall of fame and lunch at work place are being implemented. February onwards we will be conducting happiness index study and march will witness the launch of celebrating promotions.

We are too keen to make the life of each and every team member more happier and productive. As a step towards same , I would like to propose six more employee initiatives, which can be implemented during April 2018 to September period.

Most of our team members belongs to the civil engineering community. I would like to salute the true spirit of being an engineer by celebrating Engineer’s Day in which engineers come together to showcase the best of their technical know-how. Through presentations, live working projects and debates, the pride of being an engineer can be strongly displayed. Each year on 15th September, this day is hosted as a tribute to the great engineering legend Sir M. Visveswarya, honoring the power of creative acumen, respect for expertise and zeal of engineering. The collaborative spirit of TEAM ASSET should bring engineers across branches together in celebration of the pride they uphold for their profession.

I would also like to initiate a ‘All Hands Day’ every month wherein different groups of selected employees involve themselves in the construction activity. This practice extends all the way up to Senior Executives and top management, helping them understand the various activities at the work site. They should be able to witness different areas of semi-skilled and skilled work by different workers. Through this practice, several inputs regarding wastage, productivity and safety are received from individuals around the organization. Ultimately, the site workers feel closer to the top management and a sense of belonging is established across functions and hierarchy.

We had initiated clean work table practise and was unable continue in true spirits due to many factors. We will be reinitiating a simple programme where all employees will be asked to keep their workstations clean and decorate the same with things that inspired them the most.We can even have a contest called “My work Space” where employees would decorate their desks in a manner that described them and energized them every day. Some one may find joy in small things like displaying their nameplates.The context of such initiatives ensures that while having fun at work, a sense of belongingness and a close bond is built among the employees.

‘Know your company and Boss’ is a simple practice, we would like to start, which ensures rapport building between the new employee and the reporting boss. A 60 minute video CD with messages from all department heads will be shown to the new employee on the first day of the induction programme. During the induction process, the candidate is candidly briefed about the qualities and success stories of the reporting boss by another department head to help them relieve the initial anxiety and get better acquainted with the boss. At the initial stage itself, the candidate and reporting boss should spend enough time to get to know each other. In order to provide a beneficial experience, expectation setting is done in advance, thus saving everyone’s time and possible attrition.

Every year during the first week of June, we come across a lot of maintenance issues from handed over projects. Owing to turbulent monsoon weather, customer complaints were more in number than the usual, 2-X more to be exact. I would like to initiate a ‘War Room’ by May first, which translates into a Second-By-Second monitoring and resolving of the situation until no further issues arise. This team should make Pre-monsoon awareness among residents and associations. They should take up the challenge wherein every member from all the verticals involved themselves to resolve the underlying issues. On a war footing, branch managers, responsible Managers, Back-end Support, Customer Service, Supervisors and PROs should work tirelessly by creating a ‘War Room’. It is in times like these that organisations with high trust witness collaborative effort and commitment to change the Customer Grievance situation into Customer Delight.

In order to understand and know team members and their families, we wish to launch a  ‘Your Colleague is your biggest ASSET ‘ programme . This will help to encourage employees across locations to engage with one another. We will be sending out weekly mails to all team members about one employee. This will include a brief biography, family photo and his message to the team. Such quirky initiatives foster camaraderie amongst co-workers and improves inter- employee relationships.Camaraderie is more than just having fun. It is also about creating a common sense of purpose and the mentality that we are in-it together.
I wish we will definitely create an envious organisation which will not be a workshop place but a worship place. Wish you all a wonderful February .

Warm regards
Sunil Kumar V