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Message From MD, December – 2023

01 December 2023
Message From MD, December – 2023

Dear friends,

As we celebrate the culmination of an exceptional November, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude for each team member’s dedication and outstanding performance. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones, and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to everyone for their hard work.

November also marks the completion of seventeen successful years for our organisation. I want to express my deepest appreciation for your dedication throughout these years. Each of you has played a pivotal role in our journey, contributing to our growth and success.

As we reflect on these seventeen years, I would like to share seventeen invaluable lessons I’ve learned as the founder of this business:

  1. Accept Kerala as it is; our role is not to change its unique characteristics.
  2. Focus on customer satisfaction in all activities.
  3. Prioritise quality in the final product; never compromise on it.
  4. Maintain a safe workplace and deliver a safe final product within estimated cost and timelines.
  5. Operate within the laws and regulations of the land, ensuring 100% compliance.
  6. Act responsibly towards the environment and society.
  7. Align every team member with a common aim.
  8. Understand the market and introduce projects compatible with it.
  9. Uphold financial discipline, with auditing as an integral part of our operations.
  10. Establish and review systems and processes for ease of doing business.
  11. Minimise wastage, including time.
  12. Continuously train team members to enhance their skills.
  13. Elevate and maintain the high value of our brand.
  14. Cultivate strong relationships with contractors, suppliers, and vendors.
  15. Retain high-performing team members and foster relationships with repeat and profitable customers.
  16. Expand our market both geographically and in terms of product offerings.
  17. Increase business associates and partnerships.

These lessons, drawn from day-to-day business experiences, give us a sense of preparedness for new challenges. Continually pursuing knowledge builds confidence, propelling us beyond our comfort zones and positively impacting our self-esteem.

In the next few months, we are poised to witness the world’s largest festival of democracy—the Indian General Elections 2024. According to a recent study, these elections are anticipated to incur an expenditure of approximately ₹1.20 lakh crore, excluding costs for new electronic voting machines. The financial burden of elections is predominantly borne by the central and state governments, with parties also investing heavily in campaigning. Notably, campaigning often commences before the election schedule is announced, and parties are mandated to disclose expenditures only from the date polls are declared until the completion of the election process.

Despite there being a cap on candidate spending, parties face no such restrictions. The cost of safeguarding democracy per constituency per year is nearly 50 crore INR, translating to almost 13 lakhs INR per day—equivalent to one rupee per person per day. This financial commitment is our contribution to maintaining equality in the process of selecting our leaders.

While the infusion of such a substantial amount will undoubtedly stimulate the market, it comes at the cost of potential delays in decision-making. Irrespective of political affiliations, the upcoming elections are bound to impact our business. Historically, general elections have influenced the real estate sector, and forming a new government will further shape our business landscape.

Regardless of individual political viewpoints, the emergence of a clear leading party, as opposed to the complexities of coalition-building, bodes well for economic stability—a positive factor for our business. Good governance remains a cornerstone for good business.

While contemplating the potential for a slowdown may sound pessimistic, it’s a reality that most businesses encounter at some point. Recognising this doesn’t signify the end of the world. Learning from mistakes is integral to professional development. Strategic planning, monitoring, and forecasting within our business will clarify the worst-case scenario, allowing us to devise concrete plans for mitigation. Embracing challenges, identifying weaknesses, and understanding potential slowdowns redirect us from a failing path. Admitting errors isn’t failure; criticism is constructive, change is inevitable, and it positions us to overcome obstacles for our growth and success.

Remember, “You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there." — Edwin Louis Cole.

Here’s to navigating the challenges ahead with resilience, foresight, and a shared commitment to our growth.

Warm regards,

Sunil Kumar V
Founder and Managing Director