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Message From MD December – 2022

01 December 2022
Message From MD December – 2022

Dear friends,

The anniversary month marked the beginning of the Mission Centennial, a journey from hundred promises to hundred deliveries. We inaugurated two prestigious projects at Trivandrum and Kollam and handed over the keys of dream homes to more than 120 families. Congratulations to the team under Mahesh and Sajith. Both functions were well organised under the supervision of Sajeem.

We are planning to hand over three more projects this calendar year. The targets are clear and achievable. Teamwork and hard work will bring outstanding results. With this, we can march towards 2023, completing seventy-five projects.

Best wishes to every team member for another successful month.

At Asset homes, I always see different opinions arising from various corners on all business matters. However, positive conflict is always constructive. As a leader, I always encourage conflicting views within a group. It produces new ideas, solves ongoing problems, allows people to expand their skills, offers early identification of the issues and better solutions, fosters healthy relationships, improves morale, productivity, personal growth, and insight, and encourages creativity.

When conflict arises from honest and transparent listening, disagreement can be reasonable. But developing those skills requires patience and discipline. Ultimately when you agree to disagree, it is a good beginning.

It has been proven many times that the majority of failures in the workplace are due to team members’ inability to listen. Indeed, listening is an art many of our members have yet to master. Most people mistake hearing for listening, but they are not the same. Hearing is a physical process, but listening is an intellectual activity that involves taking that information further, processing it and understanding it.

Conflicting voices are to be listened to, not to be heard. Nevertheless, listening is so essential that many top corporates have started providing listening training for their employees. This is not surprising when you consider that good listening skills can lead to better customer satisfaction, greater productivity with fewer mistakes, and increased sharing of information, which can lead to more creative and innovative work.

Active listening skills are an essential trait to be developed among leaders. Management should take up this responsibility to inculcate a culture of listening in the workplace, listening to the boss, the customer, the co-worker, the government, the society, and the competitors. All these affect our work situations and can be a factor in our success.

Meditation can profoundly improve our practical listening skills. Meditation allows us to go deep within ourselves to find reality. Meditation will melt all negativity – session by session, layer by layer, creating the space needed for our true self, making us more attuned to the things around us.

We become more aware once we start concentrating on listening. Once people see that we are good listeners, it will help us in our everyday life. We will see that people trust us and want to confide in us because we listen; we show that we care about what they say.

So friends, let’s clear our minds every day before we get engaged in daily work, listen and understand the disagreements and accept the reality before we leap forward to overcome the hurdles and reap success. Finally, I wish you all a successful closure of the calendar year.

Warm regards
Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director