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Message from MD – August 2016

01 August 2016
Message from MD – August 2016

JULY! Great performance across departments and locations! I am indeed happy with the way things are moving. The most awaited customer meet of Asset Hallmark, Payyambalam, Kannur, was the event of last month. One of the most beautiful projects of ours right on the beach, overlooking the Arabian Sea, is a stunning experience. The smiles of our happy customers make us proud and privileged as the brand owners. The USA marketing space started functioning last month. We were the official partners for the prestigious FOKKANA and FOMMA conventions in USA. The much awaited second edition of Vision 2020 and study tours were also held last month. The campaign ‘Tour de Asset’ also got started successfully in all branches. Special congratulations to Team Kannur and best wishes to Mr. Mathew Joseph on his USA operations.

As all of you know, I was travelling for many days and when I came back I asked my driver, “You know who the MD of Asset homes is?” Do you know that we have a Joint MD  too? He was totally surprised. It was the first time he heard about this Joint Managing Director. Unlike MD, who can only be present in one place, the JMD has no such limitations. The JMD takes over whenever the MD is not present in the office.

“Who is this JMD?” he asked eagerly . “His name is Culture,” I replied. Culture takes over when the MD leaves the office!

What is the difference between an organization which is built to be successful for a very long time, as opposed to some who are very successful for some time? Culture becomes the MD in these organizations! Johnson and Johnson has institutionalized its culture in the form of their Credo, and AmEx calls their values the Blue Box values. They are led by able MDs  who do not have to build the culture on their personal brand. At Asset Homes, in my absence, I was able to witness the demonstration of an excellent culture which obviously excited me a lot. I can clearly vouch that it resembles the culture of organizations built to be successful for a long time. As a young organization, it is the right time for Asset Homes to add many qualities to its present culture. It is the duty of Vision 2020 members to demonstrate and inculcate high-quality work culture within the entire family. I would like to add a few points which would help you to have an overall vision in formation of the same.

When Google founders sat to write down their core values, the first value that came to them is, “We want to work with great people.” Everything else is a derivative of that. Even an “average” employee is important for these leaders, just as an “average” customer is. “I feel like an equal,” is what their employees say, regardless of their position in the organization.

All employees in Google and Intel are entitled to stock options, as are employees of Mindtree and HDFC. The willingness to share  wealth  is one of the key features of the unique culture of these global leaders.

We should create superb results but shun public adulation, and never be boastful. We should be modest. We should epitomize humility and define  ourselves as an assetian first and our designation second.

What stands out about the leaders in all organizations is  their ability to figure out reasonable questions and give straight answers. Knowledge on business is the key differentiator. This will make communications transparent and fruitful thereby creating a great culture.

We should also take tough business decisions while constantly demonstrating our respect for  people. It is not that Google and Intel have not let go of people during downturns. It is how they do it that makes the difference.

According to me, equal importance to each and every member of the organization, just as to customers, willingness to share wealth, an attitude of humility and gratitude, knowledge and commitment to walk the talk, and demonstrated caring to all members are the five basic pillars of excellent work culture, and we all should demonstrate it fully to create a great culture and organization. Wish you all a great Independence Day and a successful month of August.