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Message From MD, April – 2023

01 April 2023
Message From MD, April – 2023

Dear friends,

The year gone by was a spectacular ride. It was a great ride from new beginnings to new projects, drawing boards to work sites, and negative to positive cash flows. The upcoming year has a crucial impact on our long-term objectives, as the new year is the best time to take up new avenues.

Every year comes with lots of hope and optimism. Even those for whom the new year is just a new date, make them feel the excitement that the coming year has to bring prosperity and achievements.

Friends, We all set a journey into this new FY with a million dreams. Here’s to the ones we fulfilled, and for the ones that didn’t, the following year is here to make it happen. Happy New Financial Year!

According to the former president of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, There are four steps to be unique. Have a great aim in life, acquire knowledge through books, work hard and show perseverance. If you have a great objective in business, the first step is creating a great team. At this point, at Asset homes, all of you need more new people to grow your business beyond the current size. So how do you attract the right talent to your department? The answer has less to do with them and a lot to do with you. As the one constant, central force behind the business plans of your department, you set the tone for everything about it, including the kind of people drawn to work there. So the way to get great team members is to be a great team leader.

Who is a great team leader? Someone who creates a thriving, positive work environment and sets themselves and their department. How you do this is similar to how you create value for your clientele. You take an interest in what’s important to them and devote your wisdom, capabilities, and resources to improve their lives.

As the founder of this organisation, I always follow five specific ways to attract good talent and believe that it can be followed by all team leaders.
The first and most crucial factor is communicating a big vision of your department. It should be in collaboration with the vision of the parent company. You should be committed to a bigger future and communicate that possibility to others excitingly and invitingly. You have to be always vocal about consistent growth. You must always express more interest in doing what works best than the team always does. The team should feel that you always provide more opportunities to perform. You must constantly offer better challenges, opportunities, and rewards.

The next most important fact is delegation and independence. You should give them the power and responsibility to make important decisions and take action. Finally, valuing and recognising is crucial in building and retaining a good team. You must respect, appreciate, and reward members’ unique talents and contributions.

Friends, I want all leaders among us must live for what they want, not what they need. New financial year, after going through the projections and business plans, many of the team leaders have taken ownership of their team or department, and a purpose is clearly visible. I understand such leaders should be provided with enough freedom to grow faster. However, providing space is the keystone to the success of any team leader. Asset Homes is committed to providing freedom to do what you enjoy with your time, with no one else dictating how you spend it. I am also committed to allowing you to do what you love doing, and you must have the money to pay for it.

In this organisation, you must pay for the talents of your subordinates so you can be free to focus on your skill. The management allows you to choose whom you spend time with, personally and professionally. The life of team leaders has to be integrated with their overall life purpose, allowing them to achieve the satisfaction and significance they desire.

Dear leaders, This is the practice of the past, and I promise to the future from my desk on this special day of April first. I wish you a successful financial year ahead.

Warm regards
Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director