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Message From MD April – 2022

11 April 2022
Message From MD April – 2022

Dear friends,

Greetings of the day.
1 April.
The beginning of a new financial year.

Working with me can be a tricky affair; I will not cover it up. But despite all my quirks, you have everything it takes to be the swashbuckler of this team. The calibre of work you all have given in the past Financial Year is no less than supreme. You have brought nothing less than quality to ASSET FAMILY, and I wish you a great New financial Year. May we continue to achieve great things. Happy days ahead!

We have come a long way. However, sometimes it may feel like you work hard, which is not appreciated. Be assured that your journey, achievements, and values are noticed. I see you working long hours. Sometimes staying past 9 PM to complete those monthly reports. I see you pulling together as a team as resources keep being pulled away from you. I see you giving up precious time with your family to give that time to the cause of our customers. None of this goes unnoticed. Although some days feel like an uphill battle, we have come a long way. Our progress has paved the way for future success and resiliency.

We are succeeding in ways that 15 years ago, we never could have imagined. Our work doesn’t just enrich our own lives, but it enriches our community and our customers. The team benefits from your creativity, hard work, intelligence, and leadership every day. That is why all of us strive to care and do the job. You all do it because you know our Asset family relies on you, and you won’t let them down. This organisation is there for you, even when you drive them crazy. Think about how hard we have worked to get to where we are now.

Together we are achieving great things. We are proud of ourselves. So tomorrow and the next day, you will remember what we have achieved and lean on this great brand of responsibility for support. Let this brand make you hungrier to succeed. Thank you for honouring the brand with your commitment to service in the past year.

Responsibility is the keyword to keep in mind while you are an assetian. Every brand hires individuals based on their ability to perform the duties and responsibilities detailed within an official KRA. The job description is a written explanation of what each employee is responsible for completing and clearly outlines the company’s qualifications and expectations. Each employee needs to be aware of their requirements to maintain a positive and productive work environment. Work responsibility is when a team member completes their job duties stated within the job description and professionally adheres to company policy and procedures. When someone is responsible at work, he establishes himself as a valuable employee and a dependable coworker. Your responsibility for your workplace duties demonstrates your work ethic. Being an accountable employee shows you take pride in your work and validates your worth. You become an asset to the organisation and gain job security by assuming your responsibility at work. Management always keeps employees who deliver the best outcome and show constancy in their behavior.

Honesty when admitting an error and the moral character to cheer other colleagues for their accomplishments helps develop trust in the workplace. Coworkers will value your presence, input, and relationship when they view you as a comrade rather than a competitor. You can establish trust with colleagues by recognising their contributions, working together to reach a goal, sharing ideas to improve workplace success, and showing a genuine interest in them and their personal lives. Although you don’t have to be best friends with everyone at your job, learning about other people shows you value their individuality and respect them. Let’s develop mutual respect with coworkers within and outside your department to develop trust, credibility, a healthy company culture, thereby generating higher business, bigger volumes and more profitability. Let this be our motto for the next financial year.

I wish you another successful year with this winning Team.

Sunil Kumar V