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Message From MD April – 2021

01 April 2021
Message From MD April – 2021

Dear friends,

April 1, another financial year at the doorstep. We have completed a year of concerns, discomfort and ambiguity due to the pandemic. But the business kept us moving, with a lot of hope and exuberance. The year completed was reasonable, stable and promising. Congratulations to all contributors and due regards to all team members.

As I look at the future, I feel we have set the right goals, objectives, and operational control standards. Vaccinations will remove a lot of uncertainties. Overlapping of wasteful activities indeed will be eliminated. We could ensure efficient use of our limited resources. Many innovations are promoted at the work front. I sincerely hope that the new FY will earn more credibility and trust of all stakeholders.

The business impact of diversity & inclusion in the workplace cannot be overlooked from a man-management perspective. A diverse set of employees contributes to innovative new ideas and the effectiveness of leaders’ decision-making. But while many organisations have made diversity a high priority, many still are not truly inclusive. Organisations and their leaders need to have a fundamental awareness and practices to make all individuals feel that they have a place and value in the organisation. The most important three critical areas for building an inclusive culture is Awareness, Authenticity and Accountability. While looking at other areas like sales and marketing, customer service and investor management, these three words will play a significant role.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change. To be effective in our efforts, we need to make sure we help others translate that awareness into actionable items. This can be through helping to change behaviour or acting upon beliefs.

To win in a crowded and competitive market, salespeople need to lay their cards out on the table. Authenticity in sales is the currency of today’s deals. Even though authenticity is subjective, it’s crucial to build trust in any relationship, especially the one between our buyers and us. Their perception of our trustworthiness determines what information they share, how honestly they talk about their concerns, and how willing they are to take a leap of faith for us.

Accountability eliminates the time and effort we spend on distractions and other unproductive behaviour. When we make people accountable for their actions, we are effectively teaching them to value their work. When done right, accountability can increase the team members’ skills and confidence.

These three qualities will change our business spectrum in the coming days. In business, as in life, our feelings impact our decisions. While better products, improved customer service, and operational excellence are essential attributes for a successful organisation, authenticity, awareness, and accountability separate the ‘good’ from the ‘amazing.’ It’s at the heart of supporting our clients. Dare, to be honest. Build solid ethics and integrity for ourselves and our organisation. We will witness these three parameters going to change our playing field in a big way.

I wish you all good luck, Godspeed and a successful business year ahead.

Warm regards
Sunil kumar V
Founder and Managing Director
Asset Homes