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Message From MD – April 2019

01 April 2019
Message From MD – April 2019

Dear friends,

Another 365 days! Today we are entering the new financial year. With lot of new hopes, new thoughts, new challenges and new opportunities.

Rains, storms, floods, droughts and scorching heat. Year 2018-19 has taken us through a great deal of experiences, purifying us, strengthening us and getting us prepared for a challenging yet promising future. We have learnt that change is inevitable. Accepting the change is the only way to success. The endless changes and evolutions that we see around us call for a multi-faceted change within us. This change renders us capable to deal with whatever is in store for us. This is true both on professional and personal fronts.

A change in outlook makes us future ready. A change in the mindset leads to appropriate behaviour. A change in perception helps us see things clearly. A change in attitude keeps us in pace with times. A change in culture sets us apart from the crowd. A change in results, of course for the better, is what we are striving for. A change in execution leads to better results. A change in how we plan things is an absolute necessity to keep us on the new track. If we are looking for a change, we had better do things with a change, which means we need a change in agenda. And the time to change is NOW.

Friends, today let’s decide together to change ourselves for a better and brighter future. Change, when instilled with passion, brings out incredible results. Passion makes one perform in a better way through inspired learning, hard work and perseverance. When each member in a team and each team in an organisation performs with passion, the result naturally is perfection.

Passion to Excel
The Projects Team, when driven with a passion to excel, strives toward a purpose and not just profits, assumes ownership and not just accountability, looks at innovation and not just ideation, creates trust and not just transparency, and finally, earns respect and not just recognition.
Passion to Innovate
The Planning Team, when fired by a passion to innovate, builds on not only its experience, but also its entire potential. Instead of being led, each member becomes a leader in his or her own right. It addresses not only the tangible needs but also the intangible needs of the customer.
Passion to Preserve
Preservation is the most subtle, yet significant, role of the Finance Team. Effective collaboration, cost efficiency, sharp insight, use of updated knowhow and technology along with a commitment to lean operations sets the team apart.
Passion to Perform
The performance of the Sales Team is determined by a comparison of its activity and results against its goals. The Sales Team that’s motivated by passion is extremely good at communicating, building relationships, identifying the right focus points, and aligning activities with priority.
Passion to Delight
The Customer Service team has no other goal but to delight the customer. A passionate team does not just address issues, but resolves issues. It is not just responsive to situations, but proactive to them. It keeps the customers so happy that they in turn would bring in more customers.
Passion for Transparency
The hallmark of a good Marketing Team is its transparency. Such a team is excellent at communication, receptive to feedbacks, expert at gaining and sharing information, and driven to understanding needs and finding solutions.
Passion to be Responsible
Good administration comes with meeting great responsibilities. Ownership of duties helps the team successfully manage and enhance facilities, and ensure smooth running of activities. The Administration Team, practically, is the backbone of the company.

I would like to congratulate all who approached their duties responsibly and passionately during the last FY. You have made our lives beautiful and you delighted our customers too. Let me also wish all of you a wonderful FY ahead with Godspeed and good luck.