Kozhikode – Emerging Destination For Buying Property in Kerala

10 May 2023
Kozhikode – Emerging Destination For Buying Property in Kerala

When Vasco da Gama landed in Kozhikode in 1498, it was a coast of abundant spices, wealth, and culture. It is still a major trade destination for pepper, coffee, and rubber, which are produced in large quantities and exported. Calicut or Kozhikode boasts of rich culture and tradition for many centuries. It is known for its rich literary contribution as some of the renowned literary figures were born here. The artistic culture of this ancient port is also known as the birthplace of many artists and sports figures like P T Usha. Today this city matches the modernization and urbanization in the country and has been rated as the second-best liveable city in India.

Why Kozhikode A Top Destination To Buy Property in Kerala:

Connectivity and Infrastructure

Kozhikode is well connected to Kannur, Wayanad, and Malappuram by road, rail, and air. As the city is close to the state border, it is also easy to travel to major cities in the neighbouring state of Karnataka, like Bengaluru and Mysuru. The government is investing majorly in the development of roads and monorails for interconnectivity within the city. This will encourage the development of real estate micro markets within the city. The international airport is another major factor influencing the influx of investments into the city.

IT and Industry Development

Kozhikode’s major IT parks are Government Cyberpark and UL Cyberpark which are attracting major IT companies into the city. There are more than 40 IT companies and many allied businesses that attract professionals from all over. This development is seeing an increasing demand for residential properties for rentals as well as purchases. Builders in Calicut are now developing residential flats in Kozhikode at these prime locations.

Social Infrastructure

Kozhikode has been an educational hub since ancient times. The city is home to the best educational institutes like NIT and IIM. There are several multi-specialty hospitals with world-class facilities. The city offers ample recreational choices with many malls, shopping centers, multiplexes, and entertainment zones. These lifestyle options make the city an ideal location for young working professionals and families to settle down.


Investing in Kozhikode can prove to be profitable in the long run. As the city is in the development stage the property prices are lower compared to large cities. As the city grows there will be an appreciation in prices offering a healthy return on investment. There is also a growing demand for rented residences by the young working population. The builders and developers offer varied options for the investor ranging from 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats in Calicut to independent houses and even luxury villas. Kozhikode is one of the emerging destinations for real estate investments by investors aiming to grow their wealth.