Feb 1

February 1, 2018


Message From MD – February 2018

Dear friends, The first month of 2018 was good for us due to many reasons. The project – Asset Insignia was handed over to clients, the commercial block of asset Orchestra was handed over to the land owners, the sample apartments of asset Gulmohar and Asset Orchestra were inaugurated, CRISIL organisational audit is completed and Huron awards were received for most trusted real estate entrepreneur. Really a marvellous start with great achievements to be listed. The ambience, facilities and quality…

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Jan 1

January 1, 2018


Message From MD – January 2018

Dear friends, Today you will all get dressed up to celebrate the changing of the calendar – the start of something new. The New Year is here. You will be surrounded by friends that made every day feel like home. Those that helped you get through yet another year. Some faces will be new, yet familiar. Some may be old, but you’ll be forever grateful to have them near. You said farewell not only to the year 2017, but to…

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Dec 1

December 1, 2017


Message From MD – December 2017

Dear friends, Mehfil was an evening of entertainment, celebration, music and celebrity appearance, performed in an intimate setting. An audience of 3500+ witnessed the handing-over ceremony of our 50th project and participated with great enthusiasm and blessed us for our future endeavours. I am really obliged and thank all the well wishers and our family members for their participation and efforts which made this event a grand success. The launch of our sales campaign “Jackpot Season 2” is gaining momentum…

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Nov 1

November 1, 2017


Message From MD – November 2017

Dear friends, We are into the month of November. For Asset Homes, the completion of TEN successful years adds value to this month. We have gone through all good and bad phases of entrepreneurship during this period. It was a journey of courage, optimism, hard work, innovation, partnering, hard decisions, and determination. Today we are a CRISIL DA2 rated builder with 49 completed projects and 31 ongoing projects. The one and only aim to create the most customer-centric builder brand…

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