Tips For Investing in Kerala Real Estate with a Limited Budget

18 March 2024
Tips For Investing in Kerala Real Estate with a Limited Budget

Investing in Kerala real estate is a smart decision. Like in the rest of the country, one can expect good returns on investment in the form of property appreciation and rental returns. The range of properties being developed in Kerala gives investors many choices to invest in. Right from budget, mid-segment, and luxury apartments to villas and independent homes, developers in Kerala are offering a variety of properties with world-class amenities and facilities. An investor with any budget has a chance to buy properties and make the most of the boom.

There are sufficient properties for investors with limited budgets wanting to invest in Kerala. The investors need to shortlist properties accordingly.

Some tips to find good real estate options are discussed below:


Those investors who are new to real estate should do basic research on Kerala real estate. This will give them an idea of the current market trends, pricing, configuration, and other details like amenities and facilities of various properties available. They can have an idea of the prospective investment avenues available to them. An online search can give them enough information to start their search for the right properties.


The property prices in big and metropolitan cities of Kerala are higher than those in smaller cities and towns. Further, the prices also change within cities depending on the location of the property. Some locations are considered premium while others fall in the mid and budget segments. The newly developing locations of large cities and smaller cities are good options for investors with a limited budget. This information will further help in short-listing properties falling in the mid or budget segments.

Type and Configuration

Residential property types include studio flats, apartments, multi-storeyed apartments, independent bungalows, and villas. The bigger the size of the property the higher will be its price. The various configurations available start from 1 BHK, 2 BHK to 4 BHK and even 5 BHK. Investors can choose a property depending on their budget and its location.

Amenities and Facilities

It is well known that most projects these days come with amenities and facilities like the club house, swimming pool, gardens etc. The number of amenities increases with the budget of the property. The same is true for projects that offer premium amenities. Investors can thus choose projects that offer amenities that meet their budgets.

Availing Bank Loans

Financing property investments is not a new concept. Many investors whose budget falls short of the property price can choose to avail of a loan from a bank or a financial institution. The rental returns earned on the property can aid the payment of the loan installments.

By using these tips investors can devise a strategy to, for example, buy a property in Kochi in Kerala. They can successfully choose properties that fall within their budget and invest smartly to earn good yields in the future.