Which is the choice among apartments and villas ?

03 February 2014
Which is the choice among apartments and villas ?

City life in Cochin has shown a huge affection towards living in flats and apartments situated well inside the crowded city at attractive locations. Most of the occupants or owners of these flats include the younger generation, say from the IT related fields. This shows an interesting trend change of housing concepts of the present generation since it completely overwrites the conventional concepts of owning a piece of land and a dream house inside. So it will be interesting to have a discussion about what factors effect people to select their home from the widely available flats and villas in cochin?

Following a traditional concept one can say that independent villas will be the primary choice for everyone. But as we can see Cochin city is growing in such a way that finding even an inch of space inside the city is getting difficult day by day. And most of the people demands to have their home built well inside the city with better amenities. So this makes people think about selecting well built apartments in attractive locations and offering premium facilities.

One who is confused in making a selection among flats and villas in cochin will find many reasons supporting and opposing their decisions. One of the primary concern include that of financial aspect. Flats and apartments always fits to the budget while villas demands more. The major reason includes the increasing price and decreasing availability of land inside the cochin city.

Privacy,space and freedom of living is the major attraction of villas compared to crowded flats. Villas gives a feeling of ownership and freedom of extension and modification of your dream home. Any how its good to own a piece of land from the investment point of view as well.

Security offered in flats and apartments living is an attraction for those people work an night and owns a nuclear family. The extended safety ensured in the community living with better neighbourhood makes one feel more relaxed in the busy life. But from another point of view today’s egoistic characters of people makes even a neighbour into a stranger and that makes no sense.

Flats and apartments are easy to maintain compared to villas. Whereas villas hold the advantage of having a lot of space and benefits especially children offering some playing area and for elders to set up a small garden or something.

Both apartments and villas possess their own identities and what a buyer should consider is that what are his needs and demands and select the best one matching it. So in total one should be really conscious and intelligent in selecting their living space since owning a house hold will be a big milestone in every ones life. Most of the people invest their life time savings and even includes some credits from loans also. This makes home ownership a financial decision than an emotional one.