Ready to occupy flats in cochin

06 February 2014
Ready to occupy flats in cochin

Some one looking to buy apartments in Cochin will have two considerations of whether to go for flats under construction or a ready to occupy flats in Cochin. Investors today are really smart who takes many facts in to consideration including the experience and previous project’s performances of builder and the offered qualities and amenities for the project. So that also is a factor in deciding which type of apartment you are looking for.

Considering the real estate trends in Cochin we can see that the end users are majority in preferring the ready to occupy flats in Cochin since they can immediately move in and save their possible present rental payments. Some investors also prefer these new flats since they can rent these apartments and can adjust with the EMI payments.

Members from the economic middle class are majority in opting to buy flats in Cochin. This segment is in the driving seat of any real estate market and the price range of the ready to occupy flats in cochin is maintained in hold of this category. Many of them are locals and are considering this as a good investment in the ever growing city of cochin.

Some say that risk is low in case of ready to occupy flats in Cochin compared to flats under construction. The main cause is the possible time delay in completion of the projects due to various reasons. But from an investors point of view ready to occupy flats may result a lower return comparatively considering the heavy price of the completed flats.

The chances of slight alterations in design for flats under construction attract even those who keen to move in. In case of ready to occupy flats also builders do consider suggestions in the interior design. Any way people will show interest in property under construction only when there are movements in the progress of the project. None will be ready to take some risk investing in projects that longs uncertainly.

So the actual question is the character of investment. If you are looking for investment, then projects under construction of a credible builder is preferred, but first-home or self-use buyers go for ready-to-occupy flats