Possibilities of micro apartments in Cochin

27 January 2014
Possibilities  of micro apartments in Cochin

Its been a while since Cochin City grow up to be an IT hub of India. Recent developments in the infrastructure of the city was based on the day by day growth of the IT Sector  including Inforpark, Start-up village, proposed Smart city etc. Developments in this field availed a lot of job opportunities which attracted numbers of young professionals across the country to the city of Cochin.

The need of living space is continuously increasing in Cochin. Builders in Cochin understands this increasing demands and continues coming with latest projects that offer flats and apartments in cochin. We have seen earlier that 3 BHK contributes to majority of flats in cochin. But considering the figures of the above mentioned young professionals in which most of them are bachelors, possibilities of micro apartments are discussed widely.

Studies were carried out in New York city about the possibilities and drawbacks of micro apartments. These were mainly depending on the concept of minimizing the living space for single persons with out losing their comforts. “nARCHITECTS”  from Brooklyn came up with a concept of residential tower of micro-apartments with an area between 250 and 370 square feet ensuring substantial light and air. This idea gives us a wonderful look in an overall concept considering the fact of everyday growing cities and difficulties of finding more and more spaces inside the city limits.

Before thinking about implementing these concepts for flats in cochin, let’s see some expert opinions on this. Experts states that there are plenty of drawbacks for this concept from both physical and Psychological aspects. The major issue they point out is the over crowding of  furnitures and personal belongings and social crowding of people in the common areas makes the resident feeling congested. After the long day tensions and adjustments peoples won’t feel comfortable in this restricted spaces.

 So there are doubts about the potential health risks and crowding challenges created by living in these micro apartments may outweigh the benefits of affordable housing. Some say that while micro-apartments may be suitable for young adults, they ‘can definitely be unhealthy’ for people in their 30s or 40s. This indeed is a matter of concern.

 Micro apartments are welcomed as long as they fit within the wider housing ecology of the crowed city under certain circumstances. But they can’t ultimately replace other types of  flats and apartments for families.