Planning to repaint your apartment in cochin?

20 March 2014
Planning to repaint your apartment in cochin?
There are people who loves to add colors to the interiors of their flats and apartments in cochin and we have discussed about tips to design your apartment interiors before in this blog. If you are planning to own an flat  under construction or you are about to repaint your apartment interiors let us share this tips with you.
Human beings are capable of perceive about 2000 different shades using a naked eye and these colors bring charm to eyes and pleases our heart.
Colors are basically divided into primary, secondary, warm, cold, neutral, strong and pale.

How primary colors should be used for your apartment interiors?

Red, Yellow and blue are termed as primary colors which is capable of reflecting brightness and strength.
Red is colour of optimism, strength, happening, emotion, passion, love, sacrifice and liveliness. Red is mostly preferable for a stable person compared to an unstable person since it deepens respiration and possibly causes headaches. Intense shades of red colored walls can be opted for your apartment’s living rooms or kitchen.
Yellow color creates a sense of alertness, it can improve concentration, and explore the wisdom power and the creative side.
Cloudy yellow can reflect calming, thinking, and live yellow give agility, boldness and relaxation. Various shades of yellow may be used for the corridors and lobby which usually appear dark and bit of brightness will always be welcomed.
It has a great impact on the human body like to sink the respiratory rhythm, to improve  the concentration, and it also helps to provide a feeling of peace and rest. Yes Blue is Best for Bedrooms.

Creating Secondary color combinations that matches your apartment design ideas

Secondary colors are combinations of two or more primary ones. Orange which is the combination of Yellow and Red reflects the vibrancy of life. It can be a best option for your apartment’s living rooms and halls.

Best use of warm and cold colors in your apartment

Red, Orange, Yellow and Brown contributes to warm colors and it’s vibrancy makes it suitable for children’s batch rooms to give a bright yet classy look. Cold colors include Blue , Green and Purple.

How Green Provide a healthy look for your apartments?

Green provide positive effects on human body and psychology. It can provide a calming control over nervous system and helps to reduce depression. A color of calm, study and peace is Green for your apartment.

Why whitish apartments always is acceptable?

Best known for purity and clarity white can always provide a sense of peace and considered as a beginning point of patience. White painted walls makes the apartment feel calm and spacious. White help to create an healthy atmosphere and make your paintings and wall hangings attractive.  We have seen most of the apartments in cochin have chosen white as a default option.
So when ever your are planning to paint your flats or apartments in cochin hope these tips helps you to choose the best matching color. Hope it stays with you long and helps to make you feel happy while looking around your dream apartment. The major destinations of daily life at your apartment includes Living rooms, lobby, kitchen, dining and bedrooms, so make sure you make them feel more and more attractive and live lively..