Planning to rent an apartment in kochi?

07 March 2014
Planning to rent an apartment in kochi?
Renter-owner issues certainly have a long time history, whether for a house, villas, flats or apartments. The renter owner relation makes one’s life a pleasant experience or a living hell. We have seen lot of people opting to rent their flats or apartments in kochi and other cities. Let’s discuss some quick tips to avoid these issues and maintain a good relation between the renter and owner.
Renting an apartment or flat is a business kind of process and it should be treated like that. Get everything in writing and this will reduce future confusions. The agreement signed by both parties should contain all necessary terms and conditions and make sure you have them with the help of a professional.
It won’t be easy to have a negotiation on the rental amount but still you can ask for that. Even if the landlord is not willing to adjust on the actual rent amount he definitely will be negotiable on additional payments like that for extra parking space, usage of certain furniture etc.
Might sound funny but do take some photographs of the apartment and this will help you in dealing with damage issues in future. Photos will be handy to show how things looked before you started using it. If any damage kind of issues in the apartment is to be fixed make sure it’s done before you sign in the agreement.
You may be curious about the living atmosphere in your new flat or apartment, don’t hesitate to ask those who already live in the same flat, your possible future neighbors. Ask them about the overall experience they had and few other things special about the apartment.
Whether you are a renter or owner, know your rights. Do a small research about your legal aid options to know the what the laws offer for the rental procedure. Laws may be different on different cities and be sure about yours. If you are planning to rent in kochi, try getting some details of the laws that are related to renting houses or apartments in kochi.
We have a lot of people renting their AssetHomes apartments in kochi and we are happy to watch them being friendly to each other. Never break your agreement and once you did you are causing problem for both. Be honest and be truthful to each other and this will help both renter and owner to build a good trust and relation in between. This is a big factor which help making community living of asset flats and apartments in kochi even better.