Must Have Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Developer in Kerala

29 May 2024
Must Have Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Developer in Kerala

Kerala is the ideal destination for home buyers who want a good work-life balance. The picturesque surroundings that dominate the landscape throughout the state, coupled with the fast economic and infrastructure development attract many professionals to the state. Before going ahead with the purchase of the property one of the important parts of due diligence includes thorough research on the builders in Kerala. Although the developer will present a glossy picture to sell their inventory, there are certain answers and proofs you must seek to be on the safest side.

Let us look at the important information to seek from the developer during the initial stages:

1. Is the project registered under RERA?

RERA is the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act which protects the buyers’ rights, provides transparency and ensures grievances are dealt with quickly. Every builder must provide all the details of the projects in Kerala on the RERA website available for the public to view.

2. Can you provide clear documents of the land ownership and all necessary approvals, permits, and clearances?

The property should be registered in the developer’s name and have the important approvals and permits for construction including environmental clearances.

3. What is the timeline for the project completion?

It is important to ask the developer for a realistic timeline for the project completion, expected delays, and their plan for communication with the home buyers.

4. What is the payment plan and schedule?

Every builder has a different payment plan and knowing it is most crucial. Some builders may ask for equated monthly installments while others expect payments at every stage of project completion. The down payment, payment schedules, and maintenance charges if any must be clarified. It can be beneficial to find out about financing options too. Make sure that there are no hidden charges.

5. What is the warranty on the construction and the point of contact for the redressal mechanism and customer service?

The developer of the property in Kerala must guarantee that the construction of the project is of the best quality and long-lasting. Inquiries for coverage of structural defects and maintenance issues should be made beforehand. During construction, handover, and possession of the project, homebuyers can have many queries that need to be addressed. The developer should provide a point of contact who can answer and address all queries or issues homebuyers may have.

Home buyers should make sure all their queries are answered. This will help them to be informed and assure their peace of mind.